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This picture is old work.
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The violin's structure is a bit off, but very nice job, this is amazing!
ImaPegasister's avatar ;_;
Wonderful! Sweet and I love the look of focus on the elf's face, dedicated to his playing, and the birds he's playing too, great touch!
CutieKitty183's avatar
Loving the background and the violin, this is great!
golden-quince's avatar
i like the atmospheric perspective in the back
yowamusitunasarada's avatar
Amazing art! I have to point out a thing though, his left hand is a bit odd looking
gelendra's avatar
I admit, I had to give this one a second look. Just when I was thinking "Okay, enough with the blood elf and dark elf (nothing against them, just wasn't what I wanted to see in elves at the moment)" I stumble across this one. An elf playing a violin, and quick well done at that! I love the way the cloak falls, and the braid detail is amazing!
SoSaucy's avatar
I absolutely love this!
AoutValour's avatar
I love this photo. His expression is so... really great jon.
eternal-night6655321's avatar
Stunning! Love the colours!
iamfergie's avatar
An elf playing the violin... Could it get any better? :D Beautiful work! I love the autumn leaves.
Captain-Paulo's avatar
Awesome picture^^
Gvantza's avatar
It's beautiful :) You have such a beautiful style
pear-blossom's avatar
Intense colors; intense expression in the face of the elf, and in the attentiveness of the birds. Wonderful!
Alvene's avatar
I love this picture, it's so romantic...
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Hello this image has been featured here: [link]

Have a nice day
I love the earthy colors
teka21's avatar
so luv the hands and the tree
VampireIllusion's avatar
I love the little birdies and his face. Great work :D
Really nice <3
love the violin
Redkora's avatar
Gorgeous! I love his face.
Sateisa's avatar
old or not ^^ I love elfs and violins, so I find it absoluety gorgeous :3
DaigonnaMystmoore's avatar
Gorgeous! The detail is immaculate!
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