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I have put up a new website, both for my artwork and for tutorials and tools to help digital artists in their work. Please visit and tell me what you think and don't forget to visit the "Artist tools" section!

More to come!
I got interviewed for the site "DarK". Visit to get an overview of how I think and work:…
All questions are welcome!
I have been working with illustrations for a children's book on history education for a while now and the project for my part is finally finished.  I will be posting my favorite illustrations from the project which consists of 12 chapters that range from old Mesopotamia to modern history. The book will be out in january and is published by a Finnish publisher called Schildts och Söderströms. The name of the book is Tidspiraten (The time pirate).
Still working on illustrating a book which hopefully will be done later this year. The project took me so much longer than I expected and still it's just over halfway done illustration-wise. Right now I'm working as much as possible tho, and hopefully it will go a bit faster when I'm not in the middle of a school term.
Just to let people, who are interested, know what I'm doing..

/Kalle Bladin seems to be a cool new place to showcase your artwork. The site havn't started yet but it looks promising. Plus you can win an Adobe CS6 package.
I have recorded a couple of videos of drawings that are now up on youtube. Currently there are only some warm up figure sketches using the site but there will be more interesting stuff later on. So if you have a youtube account, stop by and say hello.

First video

My channel
Hello people!
In case someone was wondering i thought i'd let you know why I'm not as active on deviant Art as before:

1. I'm studying (master engineering, not art) full time.
2. I'm working with freelance illustration as well as commissions.
3. I'm mostly working on art fundamentals when I get time for my own art nowadays. These are things I prefer not to post here.

This does not mean I won't upload more stuff.
I still make personal illustrations and sketches but not quite as often as before.
I'm still checking deviant Art almost every day.
Take a look at my new animated 2d short and tell me what you think of it.

New contest up on with a chance of winning an original ballopint pen sketch made by me (Kalle Bladin). The topic is "Smelly without knowing it" and it's free and everyone can join!

More info about the contest.
You'll also find the contest from the homepage.
Some of my work is now featured in the first issue of the new independent artist magazine "Sketchozine". The magazine is now only electronic but may get printed in the future.
This is made possible due to the guys of "". You can get featured for winning contests or attending to as many as possible. Me and two other artists got interviewed and answered some questions about our lives.
Read the Magazine at  ""
Congratulations to Greig Rapson :iconraps0n: for winning my sketch!
Also a big thank you to everyone else who participated, aswell as Dave Miles who hosted the contest.
You can now win an original sketch done by me (Kalle Bladin). The contest is held on, details:…
If the link doesn't work you can find it from the main page --->
The contest is held by David Miles, topic is choosen by me: "Ugly with Style"
When the submitting is done you can vote for your favourite piece.
The winner will get the price in the mail for free!

Dates for the contest:
Starts: April 18. 2011 at 10:00AM-EDT, 7:00AM-PDT, 14:00:00 GMT
Ends:   April 24. 2011 at 10:00AM-EDT , 7:00AM-PDT, 14:00:00 GMT
I have now stared a firm, signed a contract and started workning like a proffesional illustrator at freelance basis for a publisher. I am now illustrating a classbook in the school subject history. The story is about two friends that travels in time and the books will contain a whole bunch of illustrations, all done by me =D.
Prepare for a LOT of new stuff from this project.

Ps: Still open for freelance.
Made a new portfolio site at, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.
Today I got my new tablet in the mail (Wacom Intous4, small) aswell as the book "Caricature - The art of Jason Seiler".
I won the book at a sketchoholic challenge; Intensity club held by T-Bear and ChanP from Imaginism Studios.
The book looks awsome; many of my favourite Jason Seiler caricatures aswell as some unseen stuff, tutorials and guest artists. Thanks Imaginism studios!
Everyone should check out Sketchoholic to draw with other people and win some nice prices =D
Anyone heard of this book?… Im planning on buying it. Let me know if you know about it
Back on track and now mainly working on a book cover.
Just for fun =D
Is it possible to browse a deviation in "full view mode" now in version 7?
I don't like having to click it every time i want full view...
Someone knows?
Won't have mutch time for art in the coming weeks, too mutch other stuff right now.
A painting made by Bobby Chiu :iconimaginism: just arrived in my mailbox.
The reason was because I won a chiustream challenge… a couple of wheeks ago.
Thanks Bobby Chiu for holding these contests =D