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August 20, 2007
Smooth animation, an unusual apple green color and a wider-than-customary body make :officechair: by ~K-6 a unique piece, but it's the sheer joy of the expression that slays me the most.
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By K-6
Well, someone had to do it.
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:officechair: Round n Round until We get

Dizzy or Puke :officechair: 🤮

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:officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: Spontaneous Combustion 
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I see you are new here. you use a emote by clicking ''comment'' looking at the bottom, clicking ''add media'' and search what the emote is called. 

:officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: 
just don't add the '':'' parts.
:officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair:  
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:officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: 
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Heh, that's me when I listen to music. Really, spinning in my chair to music does help me enjoy the music more, but that's just me.
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Well done. It's a good analogy for about 50% of the universe.
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:officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: :officechair: Anna  Frozen icon Anna  Frozen icon Anna  Frozen icon Anna squee Anna squee Anna squee 
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:officechair: plz work
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Chairmode activate! BOOP!
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That's me, when I get out of school :D
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Oh my gosh that is totally me...and I'm too old for it too!
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You spin me round like a record player would fit this emoticon
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: officechair :
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:officechair: :officechair: :officechair: WEEEE FUN , Spin ME ROUND , ROUND ON AN OFFICE CHAIR !!!!!
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