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"Nova Prime! I will have words with you!"

The white and black Prime looked nonplussed as the behemoth Cybertronian stormed through the hall doors and addressed him. "Well this must be important indeed, if the great Omega Supreme deigns speak more than a single sentence." He nodded, dismissing his chief scientist Jhiaxus and a one-eyed mech Omega didn't know. The giant bristled as they left. He despised that sociopath under Nova's employ. "Now what is it?"

"It is the Ark, Prime. You may have the masses fooled, but I know your true intentions for it."

"I would be disappointed if you didn't suspect." Nova remained infuriatingly calm, finally turning to face him. "But trust me on this: you do not know the half of it."

"You cannot expect me to support you in this endeavor!"

"I am Prime, Omega. I don't need your support for anything."

"I am the High Protector of Cybertron."

"A title granted you by me, do not forget. You serve under my administration."

The giant clenched his clawed hand in frustration. For a moment, The Sentinel was inept. He did not like that feeling.

"We are a master race, my friend," Nova went on. "It is our duty to guide the universe to improvement."

"But we are not above corruption ourselves," Omega retorted. Look at who he was talking to. "It is not our place to tell others how to live until we get our own house in order. And that cannot be done until we rid ourselves from degenerates like Jhiaxus."

"Jhiaxus works to improve the Cybertronian race," Nova snapped. "He has made a mistake or two, granted, but-"

"Those 'mistakes' are Cybertronians too! Living beings, Nova. Beings you should be protecting, not twisting to your own ends."

"Enough! You have stated your peace, Omega Supreme, and you will not deter me from my path." Nova Prime walked over to his apex armor, transforming and merging with it. The components formed around him like wings, making him look more regal. More like some vast, predatory bird. "Come the start of next solar-cycle I expect a roster. I want your best warriors to accompany me aboard the Ark's maiden voyage."

Omega's optics widened. He understood now: Nova Prime believed himself a god in the making, if not already one. And there was nothing he could do right now to stop him. Without another word, he turned and departed the Prime's meeting hall.

But… perhaps he could throw a spanner in the works. Nova was more than a madmech; he was a force of nature. And sometimes such forces could only be countered… by another force. The Sentinel accessed his files, bringing up the name of a certain enforcer, one who had become infamous amongst his forces for his ramblings and delusions of grandeur. This mech was currently serving a sentence in prison for abandoning his post during a battle against hostile invaders. Apparently he'd believed he could vanquish them himself-but he had only left his teammates in danger. He had to be insane. Such a mech would surely cause Nova problems during his quest.

…Perhaps, even compromise the safety of the ship.

Omega Supreme stopped in his tracks, hesitating. Was he really considering this? Yes, yes he was. It had to be done. For the good of Cybertron and for the good of the universe. The Sentinel activated his communicator, hailing his lieutenant.

"Get me Galvatron."
My entry for the January writing competition over on the IDW boards. This is based off the events describing in IDW's Spotlights for Galvatron and Optimus Prime.

The other entries can be found here. I thought this was pretty good, but it's CRAP compared to Thunderwing's [link] and Temple's [link]
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Ooh, good catch!
Poor Omega. It make sense why he did what he did in the Idwverse comics. By the way the Heart of Darkness arc might answers some questions about the Dead Universe. It is out right now.
JZLobo's avatar
Yeah, I know about it but I haven't picked it up yet. Ever since All Hail Megatron, IDW's comics have been steadily getting stupider so I'm in no hurry to read it.

Thanks for reading.
All hail Megatron was stupid in my opinion. They should of let Simon continue writing or made the Expansion longer. Someone should fire Shane McCarthy, he ruin the IDWverse Transformers with his All Hail Megatron crap.
JZLobo's avatar
Agreed. Unfortunately, Mike Costa has only exasperated the already strained continuity.
I am willing to give Mike Costa a chance
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He's had over a year and a half's worth of chances and he's blown in miserably.
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Characaters act drastically out of character (Prowl, the Stunticons) drastically stupid (Hot Rod, Starscream, RAzorclaw), they're hanging around on Earth for NO GOOD REASON except to blindly worship the mighty human race, the comics are majorly decompressed, etc. etc. etc.

The Transformers Ongoing has been without a doubt one of the WORST comics I have ever read and that's why I dropped it until they replace Mike Costa.
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Another of Omega Supreme's questionable choices for the good of the universe, after what he did with Monstructor (and the Duocons, I might add!).
JZLobo's avatar
The Duocons? Another one of your stories, I take it? ;)

Glad you liked this one.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
More Simon's, actually, but yes, I contributed with my conspiracies :D
JZLobo's avatar
Really now? When did he interact with the Duocons?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Simon Reeves's stories established that Jhiaxus built them; I expanded the concept, together with Ibai (creating the Duo-Drones seen in "Paradise Lost").
Ultimately, there was an entire army of Duo-Drones led by the two Duocons. When the First Ark disappeared, Omega Supreme was the one who put this army in cold storage somewhere on Cybertron ^^
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Oh, when you said "Simon" I automatically assumed you meant "Furman." XD

Sounds very Vehicon-ish. Awesome.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar

It is Veicon-inspired: Ibai tried to give the Drones exactly that look ^^
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like some vast, predatory bird” :D
JZLobo's avatar
I couldn't resist. ;)
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Very cool; never actually read those two spotlights so I'm not too sure what exactly is going on here. Still the story makes sense even to me. Nice!
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Thanks, I'm glad you could appreciate it anyway. :)
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You're welcome. Heh I can always appreciate a good bit of writing even if I don't understand all the background!
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But the background does help. ;) Hey, that's what I linked to the wiki page for.
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