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Werewolf's Humanity: Sippe Wiegand
May 2, 1945
The rain had been drizzling for over an hour, doing its level-best to scrub the forest clean but doing little to wash away the stench of Nazis. Master Sergeant Robert Hackett lay uphill and downwind of the camp, sandwiched between two waterproof tarps. After two world wars, Hackett had found that every army had its own unique smell to it. The Nazis stunk of metal, murder and fermentation. Tonight, though, they had a troubling new element to their smell. Down there, they smelled like more of their kind. And that could not be allowed.
"You’re out of uniform," came a resonating voice behind him.
"I was waiting for you to show up," he said. "You have any idea how much I hate the smell of wet dog?"
"The other Dogs of War are in position. It’s time to change. And hurry up. I won't let my son wait in there a moment longer."
Robert Hackett shed his clothing and stored them in a duffel bag, and then willed his body to explode into the form of a mottled-gold werewo
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The Doctor and the Dragon by JZLobo The Doctor and the Dragon :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 7 1 Power Up by JZLobo Power Up :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 6 1 Barometric Anomaly by JZLobo Barometric Anomaly :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 9 12
Werewolf's Humanity: Good Sport (part 2)
    "Hey, Sam--whoa, dude! How'd you get that nasty scar on your back?"
    Sam spun around, feeling the blast of hot water along the offending tissue. Oddly, he felt less vulnerable letting the others see his penis than the scar. The marks on his face and his shoulder were one thing, mementoes simply of stupid mistakes. The long, ugly line along his spine--that had been inflicted on him by sadists. He may have killed them all, but his body would forever carry their mark, a reminder of their existence.
    Whatever good mood he had managed to develop during practice had suddenly spoiled. Even the smell of mold in the showers punching the back of his nostrils hadn't diminished his spirit. But a single question could be so much more damaging.
    "Taz, dude, don't you have any manners?" Jake chastised. He made a face, and then turned to Sammy. "Long as you don't have any spinal problems we need to be careful about, you
:iconjzlobo:JZLobo 3 4
Werewolf's Humanity: Good Sport (part 1)
    Sammy glanced at himself in Odysseus’ rearview mirror. He’d done his best to brush off the dust of his day’s labors, but he would be glad shed his garments as soon as they got home. He had managed to spend all day on top of a horse, for the first time ever, riding with the others to guide the herd to fresher grazing land. It was definitely a step up from working the milking machines, which always left him smelling like milk and hay the rest of the day. He was officially a genuine cowboy, he thought with pride, pride which shifted into humor when he realized he wasn’t just a cowboy--he was a werewolf cowboy. It was amazing what a sense of identity could do for someone.
    “Liam should be done with his football practice by the time we’re done loading up the hay,” Odysseus said over the British New Wave he had playing in the truck. “The sooner he gets his car fixed, the better.”
:iconjzlobo:JZLobo 13 7
'But it LOOKED friendly!' by JZLobo 'But it LOOKED friendly!' :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 8 8 Superspy by JZLobo Superspy :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 13 4
Werewolf's Humanity: Questions Of My Childhood Pt2
Sammy scrambled up the veranda and crept below the windows, keeping out of sight until he made it to Elizabeth's room. After carefully peeking up to make sure he didn't startle her, he gently rapt on the window until she looked up from her medical textbooks.
She was dressed in just a tank top and a pair of shorts, her massive, bushy hair pulled back and barely bound with a scrunchie. She got up, padded to the window, and stood back as he slid in, landing on all fours.
"You okay?" she asked. "How's the arm?"
"It's okay," he said. Elizabeth had removed the splint earlier that afternoon, and Sammy had gone for a long-overdue romp in the woods. He'd even managed to catch and eat a partridge, chomping down on it twice before swallowing it down whole. Both Night Sky and Elizabeth told him he shouldn't do that, but old habits die hard. He rocked back onto his hind feet, squatting and looking up at her.
"So what are you doing coming to my room at almost midnight?" Elizabeth was like a miniatur
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Summon Tyrannosaurus Dinozord! by JZLobo Summon Tyrannosaurus Dinozord! :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 5 0 The Doctor and C'rizz by JZLobo The Doctor and C'rizz :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 9 0 'Nothing happens when you answer the phone...' by JZLobo 'Nothing happens when you answer the phone...' :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 4 3 Sonic Screwdrivers by JZLobo Sonic Screwdrivers :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 2 0
Mature content
Werewolf's Humanity: Ashes, Ashes (part 3) :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 3 3
Mature content
Werewolf's Humanity: Ashes, Ashes (part 2) :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 4 8
Mature content
Werewolf's Humanity: Ashes, Ashes (part 1) :iconjzlobo:JZLobo 25 25
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