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shataj tenger

unfortunately Nergui suffers from handsome disease. it's terminal. (see them properly without all the effects and with his cool new deel here) while odugen taiga is canonically the song he himself would've chosen to ride to [link] goes way better and was the designated vibe song I listened to while making it

this is one of those rare pieces where it's so cool as a standalone that it feels like a disservice to make you read something to go with it but I wrote the story before I drew the picture so oh well

shataj tenger should mean burning sky, verb conjugation in mongolian is a hell of a drug but i'm like 75% sure that's what i'm trying to say, the other option is shataj tenger bain but I'm somewhat confident that one means the sky is burning. mongolian is very hard to learn because there's almost no professional content available so all learning materials are provided by regular people who want to help except the average person in any country is not qualified to teach someone a new language so you just get like, a list of words and what they mean ok goodbye forever. grammar optional but probably not.


Well, to Tsuur's credit her first show had been just short of an ordeal so far. Halter had gone swimmingly with only minimal... swimming... and liberty had been a barely salvaged (if at all salvaged?) ordeal but finally it was time for dressage, the discipline her sire was worst at and her dam had never actually competed in.

When the mare was just a dot on an ultrasound Keke had dreamed of a foal that would grow up to be just like their half-sister Mira, an amazingly gentle animal who was up for any challenge and could be handled gracefully by even the most inexperienced of riders. Instead they got exactly what they expected from the crossing, a rough around the edges mare who was definitely up for any challenge but demanded a certain level of competence from her handlers even as a green horse.

Nergui was certainly capable of riding a dressage test but had hired his only business partner, Saburo, specifically so he would not have to ride dressage tests. Mongolian horsemanship was famous for stickability rather than refinement and as such the man had only started properly learning dressage as an adult and had never really fallen in love with it the way Saburo had- though the other mans entire riding history consisted of lessons on schoolmasters under world-famous trainers rather than putting your child on a horse and whatever happens happens, good luck in the race. 

Thankfully if Tsuur had inherited anything from Coda it was her concentration, maybe dressage wasn't as fun as going fast over jumps but she would certainly give you 5 minutes of fancy prancing time- albeit just a little confused about the lack of fencing. The arena for the class was as close as you could come to a dressage arena using only the natural landscape: the former island of Barsa-Kelmes. While fencing and markers were an optional addition Nergui had chosen to ride without them as to not disturb the natural landscape. 

While yeah sure of course he agreed that dressage was the foundation of all riding the man was also not the biggest fan nor ever an advocate for mostly arena work. It had been long since proven that repeated circles, whether lunging or under saddle, were bad for young horses joints and while he had ridden thousands and thousands of 20 meter circles back in his days as a starter for hire he had ceremoniously slam dunked the exercise in the trash can after being hired by Vechnyy.

Given that the stables only started their horses at age 4 Tsuur was still considered a green horse and as such had been elected to do the babiest dressage test possible; a walk/trot test with a little bit of canter thrown in for some spice. Maybe she should've been more advanced by now but like her half-sister they had originally bred Tsuur to be an eventer but there was roughly a 95% chance that Keke would refuse to let her go and she'd end up as only a jumper- and that was even if he could pry her out of Nergui's hands when the time came.


Word Count: 527 words

Song: [link] (This is actually Tuvan throat singing not Mongolian + lyrics can be found in the comments)

Horse's Name: Black Dog deMoola (no ref)

Age: 5 years old
Handler: Nergui Ganbaatar (36 years old)
Stables: Vechnyy
Country: USA
Class: 3 yo+Dressage
Starting Number: n/a
Extra Image: yagaan

Nergui, Tsuur, and art: Jyynxx
Ref used: Dressage Stock-139
No refs used for the background, proper scenery provided in the show's provided images
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:D Thanks for linking the music! ^^ I've now gone down the YouTube rabbit hole of finding fun new songs to listen to.

Also, that is a flat out gorgeous picture (both versions)!

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