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"What are those."

"They're little characters from a video game."

"I don't understand."

"Like, they're spacemen and they're on a ship."

"Why are they here."

"Because other people like to have fun." 


theres a very good chance that Khava doesn't like/doesn't understand the shirt but Santos' grandma helped make it and he can't just snub her. also unfortunately no matter what i draw them doing, Sunyata and Khava are my coolest characters and i don't think anyone can catch up. enjoy these previews of them before they're introduced for real in the Koroghlu Series (the belt over untucked shirt combo is also stolen from a real person lmao)


Horse's Name: Sunyata (ref pending)
Age: 10 years old
Gender: Stallion
Handler: Khavarsaikhan Enkhbold (37 years old)
Stables: n/a
Country: Mongolia
Class: Among Us- Mounted Archery (RNG)
Level: Advanced
Division: Fantasy (he has little horns)
Starting Number: n/a
Show Journal: Pemberley Park - Space - The Final Frontier Event
betrayal.jpg (would this even count? no one knows but its funny)

Khava, Sunyata, and art: Jyynxx
Ref used: Andalusian horse
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