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more, more tiny men + real story for this one. no i am not the person who named this horse after a sausage, he came like that


The time had finally come, at 18 years old after an incredible 15 year long career Baptiste had slowed down to the point of no longer being able to do many of the more adventurous things his teenage rider was beginning to explore. He was still a perfectly sound and good hunter mount but if he heard the words 'cross country' the little stallion would hang an "out for lunch" sign on his stall door and go hide in the back until everyone left. 

Baptiste was too old and Babylon was too young but Kaszanka was jjjuusssttt right. He was the ideal acquisition; also a German Riding Pony stallion and the exact same height as Baptiste (a whopping 14.1 hands) but half his age at 9 years old and with far less miles than Baptiste had had at that age. He'd been purchased from an acquaintance of Dragos' aunt, the son of a former Olympic Eventer, already training at the CCIP2* level. 

They'd taken plenty of time to get to know each other, despite being the same size Kaszanka was much more pony to handle than good ol leadline pony Baptiste and had been a rather large adjustment for Dragos. The boy had yet to graduate to riding the spicy little man off property but a liberty class at the nearby Pemberly Park proved a great opportunity to get the new pair out and about with little pressure.


Word Count: not enough 

Horse's Name: Kaszanka (no ref but is a German Riding Pony)
Age: 9 years old
Gender: Stallion
Handler: Dragos Cristo (13 years old)
Stables: Delphi
Country: USA
Class: Red Dwarf - Pony Liberty
Starting Number: n/a
Show Journal: Pemberley Park - Space - The Final Frontier Event

Kaszanka and art: Jyynxx
Ref used: ***
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