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so Sunyata actually belongs to Khava, as seen by what's already been uploaded, but he'll still be counted among Nergui's horses as Nergui is the one who gifted him to Khava and will be using him in his program

ID: P0126

Registered Name: Ц Sunyata
Barn Name: Sunyata
Age: 10 years old
Breed:  Aralkum
Height: 16hh
Gender: Stallion
Color: Black Sabino (Metallic, Hooded eyes, Long Mane, Horns)
Markings: Near Bald face, 4 stockings, belly spot
Bloodline: Foundation



Genetics: Ee/aa/nSb/MM/YY/TH/HN
Available for stud or private lease: Currently Unavailable
Temperament- Temperamental, Bold, Arrogant
Discipline: Endurance, Racing, Mounted Games
Personality: Sunyata is a handful to put it politely. Hot-Blooded and temperamental, he requires an experienced handler in order to not be mowed down by a horse who absolutely knows he doesn't have to listen to you. Allegedly he makes very good decisions if left to his own devices but this is likely another one of Khava's outlandish claims.


Mounted Archery:

?? at the 
Pemberley Park - Space - The Final Frontier Event

Breeding Slots -

1. Unused
2. Unused
3. Unused
4. Unused
5. Unused
6. Unused
7. Unused
8. Unused
9. Unused
10. Unused

Sunyata and art: Jyynxx
Sunyata Design: CLOSED CUSTOM IMPORT P0126
Ref used: Akchalteke horse
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this guy's coat is amazing. really like hairstyle details also

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My Dad had a registered Tennessee Walking Horse 'Tex', when he was a kid, that was colored & marked almost identically to this fellow, only the back stockings went a bit higher up onto the upper thighs. Splendid job you've done with this fellow.

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Thank you! Incredibly ironically I had a Quarter Horse named Tex when I was a child but he was a fleabitten grey :')

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My mistake, I'm such a frazzle brain sometimes. Tex was his beautiful bay Morgan gelding. Eagle was the Tennessee Walker. I didn't even realize I botched the names until your RE: Anyway, you're so lucky to have been able to have your own horse! He sounds like he was a beauty :). I've always wanted 1, will never be able to have 1, but I was blessed myself with getting to babysit for 2 families that had horses & I got to enjoy them with their girls, even riding them! Riding Icon