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Godammit, I'm getting sick.
I guess, considering how everyone around me has been sick forever, I've had a good long run of health. But still, it sucks, you know?

Well, if you like my mini-eeveelution papercraft series, I have two ready! One is built and will appear online soon, the other I need to print and build. I really honestly only intended to make Vaporeon. Isn't that how it all usually begins?

Due to work (which I'm working more hours thanks to the holidays) and of course the holidays themselves, I'll have less time to work on 3D and crafting in general, so don't look for updates too quickly from me. (Not that I update fast anyway, right? lol)

Boy, it's getting cold out.
It's been a little over two years since Dinna [Paperbuff] passed away, leaving us so suddenly. Do you remember her? Do you remember her contributions, her positive attitude? Do you think of her often? Every time I open a 3D model, every time I think of models I want to work on, every time I think of Paperpokes, every time I think of my friends at Paperpokes; I think of Dinna and remember her, and it still hurts.
Now, I know I wasn't as close to her as many were. We did talk often, and I considered us friends. So when I received a text message from Brandon that she had died, my first reaction was stunned disbelief. Next was to go outside in the cold air with my laptop [as my only internet connection at the time was to be outside, leeching off my neighbor] and talk with Brandon, confirm it. I just couldn't believe that she had been taken so suddenly, so early. You know what one of the things that still hurts is? Dinna lived only about twenty miles from me, and we talked about it once or twice, but I never got a chance to visit her.

But, I wanted to thank her again. She was a driving force behind me in the thriving time of Paperpokes when we were all a tight-knit group. She was the gooey sweet stuff [caramel!] that held everyone together; she networked and made it easier for everyone, cheered us up when we needed it, gave us words of inspiration when we were at a loss.

Do you remember the Arcanine papercraft? Without Dinna's pestering me to change it, it would have never been the model it is now. I was so ready to churn it out and work on more and more that I wasn't going to edit the face at all; it would have been super-derpy. Thanks to Dinna, I realized that quality takes a little more effort but makes it all worth it. Making something you're proud of.

When she passed away, there were tributes to her on Facebook, deviantart, Paperpokes.. I never said a word. This wasn't apathy; I tend to react.. quietly, withdrawn to losing someone. I tend to support others who need it. This happened with my aunt, recently. I never posted anything because.. I was afraid my words wouldn't do justice to how I felt. To how she meant to me, to everyone. I didn't write anything because I was too stunned still, to formulate the words to give her a proper tribute. I know even this won't be enough, but every bit helps, and it's about time I finally give her a tribute. Sorry, Dinna; I know I'm a little late here..

Do you remember her? Do you still think of her?

When you remember, do you still cry?

Always in our hearts, you will remain. Thank you, Paperbuff.

I know y'all are waiting for more papercraft stuff. And digimon too. But, I haven't had the inspiration to work on papercraft lately.

What I /have/ been doing, however, is work, read, make stuff, have a life offline. Oh, and do some light writing.

Tonight I decorated for Halloween. I know it's about two months early. I really wanted to do it. XD It took about 5 hours, sadly. We.. have a lot of decorations. Not as many as christmas, but, eh.

Felt like I owed you guys an explanation as to why Papermon hasn't been updated. Sorry guys; maybe soon.
Papermon is now open! Papermon, short for Digimon Papercrafts, is officially up and running! Papermon is a side project of a few members of Paperpokes, and so it may not receive regular updates as Paperpokes does. However, when a model is posted, we will try our best to post it on a Wednesday. Starting with our grand opening today, 7/20/11, we post Jyarimon, with Gigimon and Guilmon following.

So go, build your digimon, have at it!

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With pencil, I draw from right to left and from up to down.

With mouse, I draw from left to right and down to up.


Expect some non-3D arts soon.
Woo. Taking a break from 3D and internet in general, but taking a little time to update some things in the meantime.

Man, just when I thought the snow outside would go away and I could go for a walk without the snow getting into my boots.. it snows again! Another few inches, dammit. Don't get me wrong, I love the fresh snow on the trees. I just would like a short break from it. XD Of course, I probably shouldn't go out anyways, as sick as I feel. Hee.
Quick update, since I don't have the time fer deviations. Dx

I am TBing Lumineon [my edit], and I plan on TBing Pascal's Lumineon as well. Then probably Shikijika.
I also learned that there are many Bluegill fish in the nearby pond. c:
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Yeup. Journal needed a change. Even though I don't come on here much.
One day when I think about it, I'll upload some stuff to my DA. Oh, thank you all for you comments and favs; I'm sorry, but as I'm not online much anymore, much less on deviantart, I don't have the time to go through them all like I used to. :c

If you're curious, I'm making Shikijika! Yay new cute pokemon xD
Some pokefish to come as well.
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This journal is about a burrito.

A delicious, 89-cent Taco Bell burrito.

I have been o nthe atkins diet since Thansgiving, with my mom, stepdad and little brother. We cheated a few times.. taking off for a full week when my stepbrother visited [everyone went nuts but I held back and stayed as close to low-carb as I could..except for a few cookies xD] but even so.

I've lost 25 pounds so far! So I EARNED this burrito! om nom nom <3
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Ha. Merry Christmas all xD

As I listen to me new celtic music and savor my peanut-butter-chocolate-bar, I hear my stepdad and brother in the other room playing, and enjoying, the new nintendo wii. x3
I also got an indoor herb garden [<3], some incense cones [because they're not as strong! I have allergy issues blah] and one of those wooden brain teasers. XD
I got 4 hours of sleep last niiight damn.
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Hah! I'm doing papercraft again. After nly working on 3D modeling for a while, now I'm doing the modeling AND the building. Not all my own models though. I edit a model and build it, or I edit a model and someone builds it, or someone edits their model and I build it. rate is longer than most though. But it's rather fun~

No, no papercuts yet. But I sat on Arcanine's tail during building it!
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I think I'm long overdue for a new journal. XD

One the 22nd I'm leaving to visit my mom, stepdad and little brother in Kentucky for the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas. While I will have internet access I won't spend as much time on it as I normally do. I'll be doing reading, papercrafting, spending time with family, possibly drawing again. :3

I love my books.
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I have a washer and dryer and I wash my dryer.

I have a vacuum cleaner and I clean my vacuum so my vacuum's cleaner.
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'Cause I went out sledding, and it's FROZEN!

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Yeah. xD

Mmkay so.. here are my resolutions.

Eat healthier, work in some exercise, fit into my old pants.
Finish all my fabric shopping bags.
Use my bento boxes more.
Make more plushies!
Use up my stock of D-rings and zippers and elastic. Somehow.
Get more pokeyman stuff. :3
Keep my room clean.
Continue making good models.
Learn a lot of chinese and/or japanese.

That's all I can think of for now.

Happy New Year all!
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To make papercrafts papercrafts papercrafts

Because 3D modeling is so damned fun

I'm part of a blog-based group-effort to make lots of good-quality pokemon papercraft models [all free, all the time]. All of my pokemon papercrafts are on the blog, as I'm a part of the Paperpokes team -grins proudly-
C'mon over and visit if you haven't already!
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Ooh! I ordered more delicas today to make that dragon. >w<

Anyways. I figured I should give credit to the site that I got this nice, free program from. It can design patterns in square, 1- and 2-drop peyote, brick stitches; and one round stitch called rosette. And, it can create a pattern from an image.
All free, all saveable.

Runs in Java, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work in Ubuntu.

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There's a cat who we found hanging around the campground.. I haven't checked yet to see if it's male or female. It's grey with white markings, it meows incessantly at you, when you walk it walks in front of you.
It. Is. So. ADORABLE. And so friendly! Just wants to be pet. And pet.

And when you agree to pet it, it hops up on its hind legs to push its head into your hand.

Hop up + sweet inside = Poptart

But here's the thing.. My grandmother hates cats. Haaaates. I love them. I'm a cat /magnet/. It follows me home every day I go for a walk.

I wanna adopt Poptart >:
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Okay, opinion time.

When it comes to something like chopsticks, forks, spoons or etc, to eat with; I say no to wood. First off, I suck at actually using chopsticks. Second, I have a fear of splinters in my mouth [wonder what the word for that is]. I will always go for plastic or metal, etc, first.

For the rest of you:

Wood is good or do you prefer plastic/metal utensils?
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So, last night, a crazy thing happened.. here's the story.

A skunk was at our front door trying to get in, and for some reason, we couldn't get the door shut. It managed to get in, so I grabbed it by its tail and took it outside. I didn't want it to spray on me, so I beat on it and whanged it against the ground, etc etc, until it died--almost an hour later--yet somehow I ended up smelly anyways. But not too smelly really, since I wasn't awake.

My dreams are so weird.

How was everyone else's dream last night?