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Papercraft - Pegasusmon

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Second digimon! If you're wondering why I'm doing digimon and which ones I may do; I'm only doing digimon I like the designs of. Was never a fan of digimon, I just like some of the character designs.
I'm playing with a cleanup of megaseadramon right now; no guarantees however. Toying with a ryuzumon cleanup too; but him you'll probably never see. XD

Download Pegasusmon at: [link]

Digimon (c) the Digimon people.
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The download link with pegasusmon on papermon is broken ~ Fix it as soon as you can
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Thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunately, blogger keeps adding a prefix onto the link, so it's only text, not the a href stuff. Hopefully this is fixable. url's fixed though!
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It won't let me use the template. every time i download the file from Media fire, i try to open it up but it says it was damaged or it isn't a supported file type. So i cant make Pegasusmon or Guilmon. it makes me sad... T^T Q.Q
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nefertimon!!! :D please id love to make them both, it would be so cool :D
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EuTytoAlba General Artist
Tried to download it from your link a couple of times and only get an error page. :(
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Maybe its new home will give you less trouble. Pegasusmon

Happy crafting!
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Real cool job.
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RW09Hobbyist General Artist
I finished mine a few minutes ago. =) Amazing!! Thank you for sharing this!
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Do you perhaps have a picture of him in papermodel form?
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No, I do not. I have had him printed out for a while, I've just been doing so much other stuff, urf.
You could perhaps make him? XD
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Destro2kHobbyist Artisan Crafter
yesterday i finished it
very great model Jyxxie :love:
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I will as soon as I get a picture.
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Dude no waiii.

Love Pegasusmon!
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xD I saw a picture of this digimon and I said I MUST MAKE HIM! And here he is after much modeling and texture-making. :3
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I love it so much!! I'm making it right now!!
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Thanks, glad to hear it xD
I'd love it if you could show me a picture when you're finished! :3
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I'm having a little trouble with the torso, but I'll send you a pic when I'm done.
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You're not having too much trouble I hope?
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weeeel, don't worry it's coming along nicely. :D
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;D Good to hear! Are you having trouble with it anywhere?
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angemon!!! T.T
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Nuh. :B I'm not a fan of humanoid digimon~
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Then Kabuterimon :D
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I don't like bug-mons either. XD
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