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Dark Feral Rage

BG by :iconnoobist: here:

This is actually half of this intense piece: and part of this RP :icontomefantasy: Tome-chan and I had:

Rafa's BIGGEST pet peeve: anyone hurting/harassing/talking shit about his family whether behind his back or even straight at his face. And when he's furious, his rage can get pretty much out of control because of his dark firebird inside (which, at this point, he still haven't realize it yet).

Rafa (c) Me! O3O
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OAO;;;; This is NOT good...
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O.O;.......... i..i didn't say anything.. >.>;;
Jyuudai's avatar
M-me neither... <.<;;
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You better take cover then. OxO
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I'm with :iconpunisher2006:. *runs away*

Awesome pic! :la:
Jyuudai's avatar
Wait for meeee! D8 *scrambles from behind*

Thankies! :la:
Kenshins-Soul's avatar
*grabs you and increases speed*

You're welcome. :D
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I think you need to cut back on his caffineene intake.. just slightly!

::backs up:

IM going to run now..

(awsome pose.. nice work.. raf has a few temper issues don he?)
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Nope no caffeine here. OxO We better amscray!! D8

(Oh yeah totally, but only involving those he hates. OxO If you think Kazu's ocassional tux-burning/ripping spree is bad, you really don't wanna know what his son can do here. OxO;;; )
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if that snormal.. id ont wnana see extrealy ticked


(( hes got a super protective streak.. come to think of it.. hed probably get a long well with fre' shes go tthat whoe.. TOUCH MY FAMILY AND DIE.. thing going on))
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Me neither! D8 *scrambles*

(Yep, definitely, specially when it comes to his sister. They could work together sometime. O3O)
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9 hehe.. aother cute but mean one.. and nowhes acouple with my other fave( heheh)

(type of people i can see being fiends.. .. ::has mental image ofFre' seeing the boys( zoe an raf) and going AWWWWW;; )) .
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Pfffft >w<

(LOL X///D)
Roseprincess1's avatar
seriously.. that relationship could give whole new meaning to "Love set the world on fire"

(Heheh.. )
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O.O .....I'm going to slowly back up and then run.

(I love the pose and look. So dark and evil. :+fav:)
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I second that. OxO

(Thankies! :3 Meant to go for that. X3)
Punisher2006's avatar

(Awesome. ^_^)
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:sprint: D8

(Yeeup. =w= )
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