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AT: Critics Battle

Alternate title: NC vs NC with NC. XDD

Art trade with :iconlittlenicky89: Bri. :3

She asked for the Nostalgia Critic vs the Necro Critic with the Nostalgia Chick thrown in it just for gags. XDD So here we have these two about to have a brawl while NChick is like "Gimme a break... =___=;; "

Awh c'mon guys, you both are great critics of bad movies and shows and stuffs. X3 No need to fight, you both are awesome in my book. =w=b

This is just for fun and humor, ay? No flames or bashing whatsoever. Kapish? :| Good. =w=

Hope you like Bri. :3

Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker), Necro Critic (Gareth VanCamp) and Nostalgia Chick (Lindsay Ellis) own themselves.
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I like how you subtly outlined my eyes behind the shades. It adds just a touch of intensity to the death-glare.
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O-OMG Necro?! O///A///O The man himself?? Holy shizz thank you so much man! I'm so honored that you actually like it! It's my first attempt too. X3

And welcome to deviantART, good sir! :D
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I love it! I got some of them to watch later tonight! :D :+fav:

Awesome job!!!
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Nice! XD

And thank you. :3
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ZOMG you drew Nostalgia Critic! :O

This was totally unexpected to see in my in-box but I love Doug's work so it made me smile. XD
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LOL cool! XDD Glad you find it amusing! XD
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AHHHH!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! :iconchuuplz: All three of meh fav NCs!!! :iconexcitedplz: I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! :glomp: Thank you so much!!!

And yeah guys, you're all awesome. You too Chick. X3 If anyone's the real enemy, tis the crappy movies and stuff.
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Yay! X3 Glad you love it, I had fun drawing them. XD :tighthug:

That's right! X3 Never lose focus on every real evil that is a god-awful crap movie that deserves to be criticized at. :salute:
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