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Thu May 5, 2005, 1:56 PM
Been a really busy period at work for a while. But now its starting to ease off,
so finally had some time to make some new icons, and a few wallpapers.
Expect more submissions soon :)

Summer is coming slowly but surely :D
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Mon Nov 22, 2004, 4:32 AM
Another login screen is coming shortly, as those are fun to do. Something different this time.
And I've been toying with the idea of doing a XP visual style but dont know how that ends.

Been playing GTA:SA for a few weeks now. And HL2 too, but that was a little disappointing because its shortness (three days and it was over) and because nothing was ever explained in it (why did Gordon do all those things and who/what the f**k was that Combine). HL3 is needed right now :D

My new icon project is moving again, but slowly.
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Wallpaper Contest

Tue Sep 14, 2004, 7:18 PM
Taking part of the Linspire Wallpaper Contest (… ), so far have made 2 entries.
Dark version can be seen here… and lighter one here…
Please take a look & comment :D So that I can improve those.

My new icon project, is on hold, for a moment. :)
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Thu Sep 9, 2004, 5:29 AM
Few weeks back I got a few small commissions trough DA :) Just now got paid for one of them, so I thought I should get a subscription to deviantART. Now there is so much new stuff to try out. :D

Oh, and soon I have finished my new icon project. :)
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Just a quick journal entry from Rhodes :)
Sun has really been shining, temperatures are around 30 celsius. And lots of alcohol has been consumed. :D
5 more days left, then its back to Finland and work.
Its supposed to be summer here in Finland too, but so far its been hiding really well.
Fortunately Im leaving for Rhodes (Greece) in 12 days :) and spending a few really relaxed weeks there doing abolutely nothing but enjoying sunshine and some alcohol in the afternoons/nights.
Started working on a new set of icons, this set will have "some" neon glow. Mostly neon glow. Im thinking of this time trying to make real icons, not just for docks. But have to see how it will work in small icon sizes.
Hmmm, where is work in progress section for icons in deviantART?
Ok "preview" here…

But Im still open to suggestions to make new icons to Brushed set.
Been working on a complete dock icon set, the last few days. At the moment I have already done 108 icons for it. Just adding finishing touches, and releasing them soon. A few of those sets are already uploaded here.… ,… and… .
Your 80 deviations were viewed 7,886 times, with 40,906 fullsize views.
Overall, people left 270 comments and added your deviations to their favourites 66 times.
Your most commented deviation was Firefox dock icon v3 with 19 comments, while your most favourited one was Firefox dock icon with 7  favourites.
Average comments per deviation: 3.37
Average favourites per deviation: 0.82
2 Favourites were given for every 10 Comments
Every 1 days you upload a new deviation, and you uploaded 34% (27) of your deviations on Mondays, while your favorite time of the day during the week to upload is at 6 PM with 10 deviations.
Your busiest month was March 2004 with 30 (38%) deviations.

Stats provided by micahgoulart @…
Been lately just making lots of icons, and been quite busy @ work too.
I usually make icons by first doing outlines in vectors, as those are nice to modify compared to bitmaps. After that, I do basic coloring in CorelDraw and add the shine (if needed) into a separate layer. When I'm finished, I export the vectors to bitmaps (~512x512px PSD) and load those to photoshop where I add details, complex fills and shadows if needed, and finally scale down to 128x128px. Last its good to check the outlines & try different BG colors to see that it works nicely on light & dark backgrounds.
Just today forced myself to taking part of the contest. Been thinking the desing now for some time, but finally got something done :D
Really basic design, hope that no one has done anything similar. Checked quite a lot of the entries, but it got boring around entry #80. Dont even know how many there are, seems like a lot! And quite a lot of those are really nice.
Been shifting through my really old work. Thought that I post some of those here. These pixel works were all done on either Amiga500 or 1200 and with the best pixel art tool ever created DeluxePaint !! Those were the days :D sitting in front of TV and pushing pixels around :) Ill add more, as I valuate which of these I want to show.
Just a few new (and old) dock icons that I have made. A few are really original works, but some have ideas/look copied from original ones. More dock icons to come soon.
After a *lot* of years of reading deviantArt  finally decided to join and submit something here :)
Expect a lot more coming. Todays admission is a wallpaper from the samurize project that I am working on at the moment. Can be seen here with the meters:…