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Weather Icons Shiny

By JyriK
This is a set I made for Samurize [link]
But it can be used for any dock that uses the as a source.
This set contains moon phase images also :D
Icon image size is 256x256px. 32bit PNG.

Edit: The old set had a wrong file names, but this should work now. sorry.
Edit2: Still had few moonphases named wrong. sorry x 2.
Edit3: Still had the naming wrong... now it should be ok. (I hope)
Edit4: Made some new images (added 2 moons (really cloudy & fog), Sunny with thunderstorms and heavy thunderstorms.). Image count is now 107.

Go on and download :D
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Great icon set.
Can I use them in a free windows phone weather app I made?
I'll give full credit and your deviantart page.
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Thanks for the great icons! I'm using them in Weather ( ) and I still couldn't find slicker iconset. Now I'm working on different ports of the app and I would like to ask about the vector originals of the icons. Are they also free to use? Thanks in advance! /gega
These are awesome... Excellent work. Is it OK if I use a few of these on a form I'm creating in Excel?

Hey, great icons! I'm trying to map them to the Yahoo! weather API. A lot of your filenames match up with the codes ([link]) but I can't figure them all out. Do you have a textual representation of each of the icons to make it easier? Or can you help me with the mapping?
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Nice work, I was rockin' these as my desktop weather icons last month, you can check out my OS X desktop here on DA: [link] Thanks!
Thank you for these awesome icons!
these are great thank you, they even make rainy days look fun xD
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Hi, I used your icons in a small app I wrote:
Thanks a lot for making this pack, it looks really beautiful.
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I opened up the weather selection for Sprint On Demand on my phone... and saw these icons! Awesome, best weather icons ever.
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These are the best weather icons available that i can find.If you know of anymore i would be happy if you could point me in the right direction bud,thanks.
I've downloaded your Icon Package. They are wonderful. I intend to use them on a web portal i am developing.

Drop by my deviantart page anytime and send me a message if you want to know anything else!

Thank you very much. Great work there!
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Great! - Thanks!
thx dude for that brilliant icons.
That's what I've searched for.
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Thanks for a great icon set - these were the only good looking sun/moon icons I could find on the entire internet
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This Icon set is amazing and completly fits to every desktop very cool
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Very nice and smooth, I actually found these via kde-look so I thought I would come and leave you a comment.
These icons are rockin! I have been using them for a while with samurize, and I have just made a recommendation to use these for part of the media portal project which uses a boring old "reference set" of weather channel icons currently.

see thread here [link]

and more about mediaportal here [link]

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Thanks :)
I replied already there that they can use my icon set in the Media Portal project.
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Very nice!
I was looking for some "forecast'ish" icons for samurize and i found these wonderfull thingies;)
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very nice.. finally something i can replace the stardock ones...
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