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New wallpaper I just made.
Lost is really, really good.
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All those deviants say they love Lost. But not enough to :+fav: this, like me!
Seriously, I might have to do a 12-step program once Lost ends. I'm addicted... like I need another addiction.

Great wall. I was hoping somebody would make this soon. I would have, but I wouldn't know where to start.
Great work.
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NICE WALL ... smth like a perfect drug :)
best greetz....
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Now I just gotta wait for this second season... :plotting:

By the way, has anyone noticed the rendering glitch in this logo sequence at the beginning of the show?
keep your eye on the bottom of the middle curve of the s...

Yeah, I'm into 3D, that's why I saw it.
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I've seen the "glitch", and I just think that they could have done better. ^^;
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I'm wondering if they might have done it on purpose, becuase apparently no-one working on the show has picked it up yet. It's still there in season 2 as well!!

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It sure is, and I bet that it will stay there in season three as well. Maybe they just need glasses.
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Great concept, congratulations
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Woot, I love LOST! Best show ever. I really like this, but you should add onto it like putting various important scenes in the background.
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*meant that he ( . :iconNagmushka: . ) is the one that likes the show so much.
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Lost is indeed really good - but surely you didn't make that? You just screengrabbed from an episode, right?

Well whatever, I love lost, and therefore I love you.
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JyriK's avatar
No, that is made in photoshop. Not a screen capture.
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Cool - well made then!
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The show 'Lost'?
my bf Love the show!!!!!! basically (almost) obsest. I've seen a couple epasodes, I like it, but I don't get to see it as often as I would like to.
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