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JK-G5 screenshot

My current (Feb. 25th) screenshot from main screen.
Some heavy samurizing - [link]
YZ Dock - [link]
iTunes v1.5 theme by KoL - [link]
Wallpaper - my own [link]
Icons - mostly my own
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Original, good works!! ;-)
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ah yea, that beautiful skin by Kol, used to have it too, but now i switched: still Kol ;)

on the whole, i like your desktop a lot, althou the center part is too heavy for me.. still looking great :D
JyriK's avatar
Thanks :)
Kol is teh master.
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The samurize config is impressive! A really great work...I would kill for getting it ;). Please remember us when It was finished.
djk-neo's avatar
hahaha freelancer the game kicks ass
oh layers please!!!!! please please please!
OMG, That's just sooooo SWEET!

Did u leave any icons as they were when got'em or did u edited every one of them?

How did u make the Iconbar at the bottom?

I have a ton os Q's, but they can come l8r..... for now, i'll just stare at this picture, till u release the final version.... WWWOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!
OMG, That's just soooo SWEET!

Did u leave just one Icon intact, or have u edited every icon u have?
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Oh my god. That is, like, the awesome-est desktop I have ever seen.

But seriously, that's one beautiful desktop.
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Saweeeeth! I totally love this! :D

That samurize theme, is that availeble for download? I'd like to try it out. :) Please tell me. :)
JyriK's avatar
Sorry, not yet, its still a work in progress. But hopefully soon its finished. :)
DanielRabjerg's avatar
When you're done, please submit it here so I'll see it! :D
JyriK's avatar
Will do that.
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