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JK-G5 II Screenshot

Just a few modifications to old desktop :)
Slowly getting completed (or not).
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Incredible, completely re vamped. how did you do it?? and what OS?


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hi JyriK - just a quick(!) message to firstly say WOW! at your desktop picture and secondly i'd like to ask what computer this is!! lol
Well, looking at your screen shot, I'd instantly say it's a Mac... But upon reading these comments i see you are asked about the stat panels - but the link u give is to a windows program :?

Then i'll ask how you got a clock as part of your wallpaper! :O
Next i'll ask how u managed to get a second bin on the desktop (i'd love this rather than the one in the dock!)
But even more so than all the above questions - how have u changed the very top menu bar? It's totally different! :o Superb stuff.

All in all - you've totally altered your mac and it looks incredible! Forgive all my noob questions about gui customization but i had to ask!
I juuuust had too! :)

Great design and i wish you a happy new year.
ATB, Strider
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Thanks :)
That is from windows XP computer.
Everything thats on the wallpaper was done with samurize ( [link] ) except the dock.
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wow you've totally transformed it! Sorry for being the annoying noob, as i later read your information after making that post above. But that's the best looking xp i've ever seen :D
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Loosk great! Why are there two recycle bins? (one on dock, one floating on desktop) :thumbsup:
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any chance of being able to use that skin? I am in love with it and your work!
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oops - forgot to mention that it was really weird that I happened on to your deviance here when at the same time I am listening to Over by Portishead =)
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Fantastic samurize use!
You should post it at the samurize club!
Very nice.
I like the skin of it.
Buddy, you are away too guud!
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and for used and free space??
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Its "BM receipt" I think those both are from [link]
amazing art!!! what font do you use for the clock??
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Clock font is called "Arcade"
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Still very nice! Informative and still clean!
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Wow looks really cool.
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Hehe i remember this one from long time back, looks still good though!
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Excelent! We continue waiting for that fantastic samurize config :)
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awesome!!!!.... well done. I wish i had a desktop like yours.
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Man, your desktop is pure ownage! :D What program are those stat panels, and wich skin for it?
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I use Samurize [link]
And the skin is my own.
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nice, i hope it gets done, it looks great, btw, AdamC has updated the devARt script to display "No Messages", when you don't have any ;p (but you prolly knew that)
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