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A bit brushed aluminium, bit grille and lots of carbon fibre. Out comes this. Looks a bit like looking into a front of a speeding car.

Edit 290904: A matching login screen for this wallpaper can be found here [link]
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Superb, thanks for sharing

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i would like to use this for a cd cover for my custom linux distro... Can I??
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Great work - any chance of a psd version (will pay) if necessary
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WOW - really great !
Too bad it's not in 1920x1200... :cries:
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Wow! Really cool wallpaper... And I'm very happy to use it now


Combined it with Rainmeter and CAD. :D
Hope you like it ;)
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Many kudo's to you m8, been looking for some decent carbon fibre, but more as a pattern tho, anyways now i found it :) thanks alot,
oh and i had no trouble at all downloading the PNG file at all, Use firefox people, IE is worse for your health then smoking ;)
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dont know why so many people fav something and they dont even use it. You cant download the wall it saves as a blank png when you try to save the image.
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Yeah, I noticed that, too. A blank PNG is kind of useless.
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can i download this one. to make it my wallpaper?
Why would you do a wall and make it a png file????????????? You can't download this wall at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a shame. And your suggestion about right-clicking and save as??????? That doesn't work either! It's a great wall paper,,, but if it's unusable,, it's worthless!
I had the same problem. get Firefox and download it with that. IE sometimes doesnt play nice with Deviantart.

Fantastic wallpaper cant believe I'd missed it all this time.
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Great job !!!!! :clap:
i really love your wallpaper !
Thanx !

Add Fav right now !

Please, tell me how do you the background ? (not the brused aluminum, but the other)
thanx !......
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It is a "pattern fill" i made in photoshop.
Its a 8x8px tile with gray color gradient, but the other (4x8px) part flipped vertically over.
Then just make it into a pattern (edit->define pattern) and use it to fill.
And thanks for the comment :)
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You're welcome ! ;)

Thanx, but it's just your grey background with holes !? How you there make a "pattern" with that ?
Still thank you ! :)
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Damn it, i want this so bad but the right click save as doesn't work...

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Not to worry, i just used this background that came in the logon of this style.

Thanks for your fantastic design.
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This is my fav wall .. The details are incredible..
Nice wallpaper. Where's the download link?
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Just right click and "Save as" on full view.
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Great wallpaper! :thumbsup: I'm using it currently. :lol: [link]
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Great job with this one! The grill looks a little blurred but other than that it's perfect; still going to use it :!:

Cheers, Steve
Just wonderful. Any chance you could post a 1920x1200 version?

What tools did you use? Photoshop? Fireworks?
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Thanks, Ill try to remember to post that resolution too :D
Its done with Photoshop.
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