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HAL 9000 eye

By JyriK
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Here is something I just made. :D
Used CorelDraw to do the "lens/eye" part and then added brushed aluminium BG & some shadows in Photoshop.
Now in progress to make a darker carbonfiber version.
Image size is 1600x1200px, so it should be enough for most screens.
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Not Big Enough For Wide Screen Versions Dave.....Small HaL....
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Hello... Could I use your beautiful image in my new blog: [link] ? For free, with your credits and link to this page or to the page you prefer. I would use your image as the main image of a post regarding VOCAL CONTROL (not SPACE ODISSEY :-))

I'll wait for your answer for eventually deleting (, many thank. Fabio Schiano - Comunicazione & Design - Italy
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Looks very cool !
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Borrowed this to use as an Avatar on F/book, hope you don't mind. Put a note saying that the picture was done by you and a link back to this page. Hope that's OK.
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It stares into your soul....

Nice work! I love the film and character! :D
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that just creepy
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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah its watching me...^^
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Hello, Dave. It is good to see you again.

I used part of this in my dektop pic, hope you don't mind. At least I think it was this.
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awesome!!!! ^_^
i made a pic somewhat like this, only i used my eye and put the hal 9000 as my eye o.O lol it looked really cool.
maybe i'll upload ^-^
but at any rate, great job!! its way awesome and the detail is great!!
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When I look at it in preview mode, it generates some sort of optical illusion that it's buldging out. It's hard to describe. Not that I'm saying it's bad. I just think it's cool.
Good job, though. You got the textures so perferct.
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sweet. great movie xD
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Yes it is :)
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your welcome ^^
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the brushed metal looks superb! any updates with the carbon fiber? it's the best HAL i've seen yet!
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great work
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looks like the computer in the ship on futurama that bender falls in love with
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I believe this is an exact duplication of the Hal9000 computer from 2001 A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. No the less it is a good representation
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That is really simple yet really cool, great jorb!
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nifty one
looks like the computer from Dexter's Laboratory (for those of you who know what that is)...mmm...what was it....dexbot 3000 or somethin

i like
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I was thinking about designing this, then saw that you already did it. Very nice work ! :)
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