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DarkDrive icons for Windows XP
Number of icons: 23
Icon Types: 128 x 128 px 32bit Windows XP icons + smaller formats.

Enjoy :)

Soon to come LightDrive set.

Edit: LightDrives can now be found here: [link]
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Perfect! Thhis puts the finishing touches on my brushed look theme...appreciate the work!

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These are really nice. Thanks! :)
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Its not fair! Where are the png versions of these sexy icons? I demand them!
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I'm probably doing something wrong, but I can't make this work. :blush: I clicked Download to Desktop, and it downloaded a .rar file. Windows doesn't recognize it as a valid file, let alone an icon file.

Please help. :aww:
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you need a rar archiver, get it from [link]
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Hahaha, you can't abandon the "brushed" style eh?
Anyway, they're very nice Jyrik, good work! :w00t:
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They look very nice. Especially the Net On Line one. Good work! :clap:
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