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Brushed BootSkin

Continuing my brushed series.

Update 110305: Fixed the bitmaps. Made it into a .bootskin file instead of a .rar.
Update 110705: Fixed the color palette. Maybe now it will work correctly.
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Very cool! Wink/Razz 
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Can any body create a Tuneup utilities supported pack for this Boot screen!!
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can i install it manually?
how ? if i can ,i don't want to use the program bootskin
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Wow! This boot screen is awesome!
It's very beautiful!

But, I can't use this because I use Windows Vista...
So, why you don't made a Windows Vista version of this very beautiful and amazing boot screen?
It's so beautiful!!! :'(
Gimles's avatar
niiice, very sleek looking, it's goin up!
ravelithium's avatar
• Perfect! Thanks! ^^
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very stylish! can you made a log-on screen from this:? pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase!
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Cool D but 1 ? how do u make them for I would like to create 1 my self..
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How do you make a .bootskin file from a folder with the files?
And sorry, I forgot to add that this is one of the best bootskins i have ever seen.
Also the theme i am looking should be for windows XP thank you :)
Anyone knows what theme fits best with this bootskin?
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it's so cool ~
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How can I install it? I know this sounds stupid :)
i was wondering, what software did you use and here did you dowload it from?
can you senf me a message plz
anyone else's messages are acepte to. :)
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how do i config this bootskin to .bootskin file type?
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Now it is a .bootskin file.
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Holy ...Moly?
That's great JyriK.

I loved your [link]
and had modded it, but your two updated versions
are too excellent. Thanks for the release!
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mmm looks really nice :) it look that good that i could make it into a KDE Ksplash theme :) that would be nice to see something as good as this while starting KDE on my linux desktop :)
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Ohhh, beautiful, very simple also :clap:
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Great!!! I love this skin :D
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