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this is the most beautiful tradition of japan,the event of just contemplate the sakura blossom.there is a lot of believes about it,but mostly , it's all about gathering your family under a sakura tree and enjoy the day.
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MissLuckychan29's avatar
luuv iit, me wanna doo tooo
iawyrld's avatar
this is so beautiful and it makes me nostalgic :)
sakura-umi's avatar
It's really beautiful. I want to go Japan in spiring.Sakura's are my favourite.
ButterflyAmore's avatar
WOW! I wish we had some of those sakura trees in America.....
I wonder if they have sakura trees in China.....
onyxkreed's avatar
man, i'm going in the summer so i won't get a chance to see this gorgeous event, hopefully one day i will though^^

beautiful shot Yoshi!
jyoujo's avatar
summer has a lot of events because it's hot,and everyone want to go will see a lot of other ones!
onyxkreed's avatar
ooh i hope so Yoshi.. we're going for two weeks so hopefully we get alot done ^^
jyoujo's avatar
there's no doubt .June right ? ?
onyxkreed's avatar
We take off July 14, arrive officially on the 16th I believe, and we should make it in time for the Gion Festival, I hear its quite lovely. ^^
ianisthewalrus's avatar
reminds me of the cherry blossom festival in dc
ShitoRyu's avatar
That's awesome, Yoshi!! *_*
I'd like to be there *_*
blacktiger98756's avatar
a beautiful place to hang out with your family
jyoujo's avatar
it is,like nothing else.
WarriorofHeaven's avatar
It looks like such a fun time.
amie689's avatar
:love: I think it is one of the most beautiful traditions, ever..

Beautiful shot, as always:D
NessaSaelind's avatar
I simply adore the colours :love: The sky and sakura trees are in perfect harmony. Beautiful.
DieNaerrin's avatar
I enjoyed this period in Ueno Park, Tokyo and Kyoto and Hiroshima ... this is soooooo beautiful!
lovely shot ....
I wanna go back to Japan at Hanami .___. this is such a nice tradition! And it is always so funny and there is yummy food and all are in a good mood ...
I wished there was something equal in Germany .____.
jyoujo's avatar
well, i am pretty sure there are some nice things too in Germany.*May i ask you something ?*
in japan we call our country actually Nihon/nippon.In germany you call your country as something different too??
DieNaerrin's avatar
We say "Deutschland" in German. Did you meant that?
watashi wa nihon ni sumitai .__.
(i have no idea whether this was right)
There is nothing like hanami in Germany ... we just have the "Oktoberfest" (October festival) and it's just about drinking as much beer as possible. I hate this.
jyoujo's avatar
:D as much beer as possible ??
you mean like free pass for sex ...
yeah .... i don't drink either.Only Melon Soda :D
DieNaerrin's avatar
Melon Soda *__* I miss these automates with cool drinks on every side of the streets ... Fanta Grape and all the yummy stuff that doesn't exist in Germany ...
(When I was in Berlin on Saturday, I drank "Ramune" in the Daitokai-Restaurant ^^ and although I drank this many times before I still haven't a clue what it exactly tastes like xDD)
I don't drink either ........
this Oktoberfest is no "all you can drink party" ... beer is expensive there ... it comes along in huge one Liters glass ..... It's celebrated every year espicially in Munich (South Germany) ....... i'm glad i'm living far away from that spot -___-
There are some traditions in Germany I really hate -__-"
Lili-Nyappy's avatar
Nice pict' !
I want to live that once in my life ToT
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