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So i was going to write only in my journal about this but ,
it seems that it might also be good for someone else out there (m e) .
And it's been a long time since i don't open any of my personal
thoughts in anywhere other than my journal .
This is something new to write about cause , there is this movie
called "liberal arts" . Which i saw last night , and now i keep on
replaying it on my head , and all the dialogs .
it's like seen " before the sunrise" with a new age line of thought,
although , thoughts ,good ones, they never get old .

Jesse have a huge dilema in his life ,
cause for the first time , he found someone who he really connect,
Zibby ,the connection girl who i am speaking about ,
became his pen pals talking among letters and hand-writing is
such a nice thing ( don't you think? )
i am not going to spoil the movie ,but in certain time ,
they came to a momentum in this relationship where she says to him,
that he is one of those guys how like to dislike and to be proud about
what he doesn't like . i mean . . who doesn't do that in real life ?
you can pretend all you want and hide behind your fucking masks but,
still , people are proud to say what they don't like these days .
people like to be the ones that show personality for what they don't like ,
for having strong opinions about things , and as she said ,
why can we just talk about all the things we love and just respect the rest.

See , this movie slap me cause , since yesterday ,maybe even now ,
i talk so much about the things that i don't like . And i feel connected to
people who shares the same thoughts .

Right , mostly i feel connected to people who share the same music taste ,
book taste , artist in general , those things . . .

but see , we all have this side which is unbearable to even think to live
with someone who likes for example "the twilight saga" .
(it's just and example) a fine one may i say , see !
just right now , i am pointing out that i don't like it ,
even thought , truth be told , i read the "new moon" chapter ,
and it was very well written and i felt Bella's pain , cause i've been there.
And i guess by now , a lot of you have been in as well, sort of .
But today they have this view that we have teams ,
the ones who likes it , and the ones who doesn't .
There is no place for respect , to be whatever about the thing .

So i am missing somehow my point in here , but getting back to where i was ,
Don't be proud of your dislikes , don't spend too much time hating things .
Don't turn out to be the one who is known and respected for what you don't .
Be the one respected and admired by the DO .

this will make so much sense some other day , just think about it .
To who it may concern , i am sincerely saying i have no one in my mind
right now . I was at first but then ,i saw myself in there and i was disgusted
by what i saw .

For the movie , life will tear us all apart , it's just part of the process of
learning. Get used to .
It doesn't mean in the end things will be alright .
It does not mean it will not be neither .
Things will just goes as it is , and if you can keep up ,
You may write a good ending to your story .

Cause this is all we are ,all we will be someday ,
a story for someone to tell . Or kids , friends , siblings .
bffs and whatever have you .

If you in any case have no one . there's plenty of time to
find someone to bother and to share . Don't hurry to much ,
life will catch us all eventually .

- Yoshi .

Movie Trailer HD - Liberal Arts

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