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The Hand of Noxus | League of Legends


--> Also posted on my Tumblr

Sorry, I'm really behind on my posts this year... but here's a recent photo of my Darius cosplay taken at Summoners Con. My favorite champion and costume project to date! Wearing Darius has proved to be pretty intense, but also quite comical when your only 5 feet tall... =_= hehe. FEAR MY TINY DUNKS!
I'm hoping to also work on some tutorials and tips in the coming months. :D
:bulletblack: Costume made and worn by me (Jynxed-Art)
:bulletblack: Photograph by JeproxShots
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Canon EOS 60D
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1/160 second
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70 mm
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Nov 1, 2014, 12:36:35 PM
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Thank you for staying true to the character instead of making unnecessary changes to make him look more feminine or sexual!
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AXEllent cosplay :D
drakenfolk's avatar
This is sooo awesome! Badass, and amazing details on the axe! Nicely captured Darius' character here. ^^
AllToRuin's avatar
Oh my god, the exact costume I want to do.  Please help me make one.  :O
FKDemetri's avatar
This is freakin' cool as hell~  Fantastic job! 
shellykuchiki's avatar
Simply incredible... 

Kurojigen is doing a set of amazing cosplays from LOL and we are here asking for your permission to use this picture in our article. We will give all credits to the ones who made it possible

thank you 
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Finally the original, seen too many reddit posts from other people

Sweet job on it all! Axe details are fantastic 
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Darius is my favorite League character! Awesome cosplay, very well done indeed.
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Just marry me...
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Awesome as always! :D
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Posted here: TopCosplay :3
If you don't want to share your photo on the page please tell me then I'll remove it :'(
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So awesome! I remember seeing you at Summoners Con. It looks even cooler in person ^^
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Absolutely stunning! Nuu 
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Female Darius done right! Yes! This is fantastic!
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Great costume :D
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Digging the expression. Also great work on the armor and weaponry.
Not-A-Doragon's avatar
Adore you, such a magnificent cosplay!
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Waw, that's an amazing costume, and a great gender switch!
Can't wait for you tutorials :D
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Saw you in some pictures on Twitter of Summoners Con. I was Blown.thefuck.away. Really awesome job.
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wow! it looks pretty solid... is it made with some kind of foam covered in latex?
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Love the armour and all the detail. Very nice.
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i like it. can i have that ? :) Kidding!!
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