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Cupid Ashe | League of Legends

My inner 90s child was crying out with joy as I worked on this pink monstrosity! This magical girl/She-Ra style Ashe just materialized as I started to draw my Valentines card for this year. Heh.

Maybe there will be a cupid Ashe skin one day. ♥ Happy Valentines Day!

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Some more of my League of Legends art:
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batgirl55's avatar
That is sexy !
itsukih's avatar
fall in love !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kutori's avatar
I prefer this skin idea instead of the Ashe Heartkeeper. I would buy this skin!! Really nice!!
Jynxed-Art's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like it. :D
Sunnny-doL's avatar
I had to look at the pun for a while or two.. Then i was like: AHHHHH, i get it!
XMeMichiko's avatar
That would be an awesome skin c:
Jynxed-Art's avatar
Aw, thanks! ^_^
Jynxed-Art's avatar
Yeah! :D I was really excited when I found out we'd be releasing an Ashe skin for Valentine's this year!
SolarLugia's avatar
D'awww!!! That is so awesome on so many levels!
Jynxed-Art's avatar
Ibitsue's avatar
god I wish this was a skin.
Jynxed-Art's avatar
That would be awesome! Maybe one day there will be something similar. :D
Ibitsue's avatar
wouldn't that be bad ass.
frecmenta's avatar
This is the skin that Riot should have released, not the one for Vayne or Jayce.
good job.
Jynxed-Art's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like it. :w00t:
GiuliaStoian's avatar
<3 i don't like pink that much but this is really awesome XD
Jynxed-Art's avatar
Thank you! Yeah... too much pink. :o haha
GiuliaStoian's avatar
Np XD looks amazing
ivixus's avatar
Awesome idea 8DD I love her bow :heart: And those wings :meow: <3
Jynxed-Art's avatar
leinef's avatar
Haha she looks awesome in pink ;D I actually thought of Cutey Honey style but I dunno why xD But I think the design looks awesome and I can think of this card printed :D
Jynxed-Art's avatar
Thank you! :) I like the Cutey Honey design as well! ...maybe I was subconsciously channeling her as well, haha.
ticethehedghog's avatar
awesome job, and happy valentine's day aswell
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