Ode to Carbon {poem}

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You are my favourite element, C?
Four bonds you offer, in strength and security
There is no element that you, carbon, will not embrace
So from the diamond on my ring to my true love's face
You make everything that matters in my life
Your covalent bonds could not be cut with a knife
Stronger than ruby, topaz and quartz
And every organic compounds depends on your supports
For it would not be organic without you, carbon
So much more reactive than neon and argon
If not for this fact, there would be no life
Carbon, I wish to make you my wife
So much more faithful than a human lover
I only want atoms under my bed covers
That collection of atoms may call itself a person
But it's the elements within her that I love for certain
So with this diamond ring I get down on one knee
Giving atoms to atoms. Carbon will you marry me?
You really don't know where you'll end up when you commit to a rhyme scheme.

Another one from Creative Writing Society. It went in a rather different direction from how I was anticipating, but when I showed them the first few lines they begged me to finish it.

I mean what the hell? I don't even like diamond rings.

Preview image is by ilovebutter on Flickr.… (licensed under Creative Commons)
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