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Day 6. Well, I assume it's day 6, since it was nighttime when he last took me out, and it has probably passed midnight by now. Nonetheless it is difficult to accurately gauge the passing of time when I am imprisoned like this. I cannot see, nor hear a thing from outside. Furthermore, every one of my senses has been dulled. I do not feel hungry, tired or thirsty. Even my sense of touch is gone. Either that, or a force field suspends me inside a space that is too large for me to even reach the walls.

And yet, I quite like it in here. I didn't always though. At first I hated it. In fact the first time I was thrown in here, I was angry - burning with so much hot fiery anger, first at being humiliated, then at being thrust into this prison. But it was a fruitless endeavour to remain this angry for too long. I tried to scratch my way out but alas, I soon discovered the walls were unreachable. So there I remained - sat one could say, except there was nothing for me to sit on, not even a floor. There was nothing but my own thoughts for company.

After a while I could hear my own heartbeat, that reassuring pitter patter, the cherished signal that I was still alive. Oh, how I grew to love that sound. It was over this time that I actually began to enjoy my confines. Although the initial thought seemed unthinkable, I even began to forgive my captor. He had, after all, shielded me from the wild world outside, and kept me in a place where I need not eat or drink. It took some time, but I eventually grew to not hate him. I say eventually, though it may have only been a few hours.

I am not sure if I drifted off to sleep or not. But after a while, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm, as I floated there listening to the hypnotic beat of my own heart. It was like being back in my egg, or as I like to imagine, in the womb or something warm-blooded. I truly would not have minded if I stayed here forever. And if I was allowed back out again, that would be a grace of its own.

It's happening again. He’s letting me out. First I see a distant point of light, which widens into a silver cord. Then my sense of touch returns. My other senses come back all at once, and I feel that I am flying through the air, or possibly being thrown - I don’t think it matters which. Then I hear the human’s voice, that enthusiastic shout of a child.

“Growlithe, I choose you!”
Another story from the UoN Creative Writing society, one where we had to write from the perspective of an animal. I chose not to reveal exactly which animal until the very end. Congratulations to those who guessed it, though if you found this story on a search for Pokémon, then no points for you. :P

This came from the same session as my iPhone story….

Cover image is by DeviantArt user Yomiell and can be found here…. It is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)…
Golphee Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was getting more and more confused at reading this until I got to the end. Kudos to you, that was hilarious! :D
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