If you are reading this in GCSE English {poem}

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Published: September 26, 2014
If you are reading this in GCSE English class

Know that this is not a sonnet. It is not a piece of rap music
And it most definitely is not romantic.

Your teacher may push you to seek out meaning in the
unexplained line breaks, subtle symbols
Turn the page on its side, perhaps, and you will observe, contemplate, infer perhaps
the deeper allusions behind the bed of spikes
formed by this stanza,
representing the angst and the deathly cringe within the mind of some so-called poet
(hint: the line break is a metaphor for death)

Or is it a city skyline? Representing the tragedy of my home town.
Teacher is really grasping at straws here.

It's not even a proper poem
I couldn't write it in iambic or trochaic pentameter.
And that's just sad.
Seek out Heaney or Duffy instead. They are far worthier poets.

If you are reading this poem in GCSE English class
Find your own meaning. It belongs to you now.
Another from UoN Creative Writing. I am not sure what prompted this, but it came from the same session as this abomination - fav.me/d8060w0 - but nonetheless, I am actually quite proud of this. I can actually imagine it being analysed, explained and interpreted to death by a GCSE English class. Does that mean I compare myself to Seamus Heaney?
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