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                Ice Bucket Challenge


                      Jonty Levine

                   (working script)


We open on a handheld camera shot of the back garden. The shed door is vaguely visible, as is the washing line. JONTY stands beside an EMPTY BUCKET on a CHAIR.

         You recording?


         Okay, so this is my ice bucket challenge. I was nominated by... nevermind who nominated me. Let’s just get to the challenge. Aaand first thing’s first.
(holds up the bucket and shows it to the camera)
         We need some ice.


JONTY is crouched down by the FREEZER, holding the bucket. Back door is open, but out of shot. ZAK, is holding the camera to get a good view of the freezer.

         This freezer really needs de-icing. Till then I suppose we can just get as much ice from it as possible.
(opens freezer door)

         Gah, look at all that ice.
(tries to scrape some of it into the bucket just his fingers, but alas it does not work)
         Zak, pass me the knife.

[AD LIB - Zak feel free to talk in this bit]


JONTY stands before the sink with a large amount of ICE in the bucket. ZAK is still holding the camera.

         Now all we need is the water...

JONTY proceeds to fill the majority of the remaining volume with COLD WATER.


JONTY brings the ICE BUCKET to the chair. ZAK is behind the camera, ready to do the countdown, and a camera movement that will be replicated later in the scene.

         JONTY: (calling)
         Will, are you ready?

         WILL: (walking on frame)
         I am. Are you.


         Alright, three... two... one...

[AD LIB - what happens here should be pretty obvious, and reactions should be real]

         Alright, now that’s done...

JONTY, dripping wet and shivering, walks under the washing line, and down the ALLEYWAY, out of sight. ZAK pans the camera to follow him.  TARDIS sounds are heard in the distance as JONTY travels back in time to become FUTURE!JONTY.

Ten seconds after JONTY has left the frame a sound is heard from behind. ZAK quickly pans the camera back to the SHED. This should be a QUICK camera movement, as we will be hiding a cut here. The camera is put down on the wheelie bin, still facing the shed.

WILL is still standing by the shed, when the door is opened from the inside by none other than FUTURE!JONTY, who has been in that shed for almost a day. WILL appears puzzled by his appearance. KEEP CAMERA ROLLING. Scene 7 will be filmed in the same take.

Fade to black title screen that reads: ONE DAY EARLIER


The window blind is closed. PAST!JONTY is sitting on a CHAIR, wearing HEADPHONES. He is distinguished from FUTURE!JONTY by his clothes and dry hair. Note that this scene is filmed in SPLIT-SCREEN.

PAST!JONTY is contemplating to himself, and absentmindedly tapping a screwdriver against the table. His inner monologue is heard.

         Damn, I can’t believe I’m out of ideas already. I really need to think of something creative to do this month. I suppose I could do... an ice bucket challenge. But no one has challenged me to do it.
TARDIS sounds are again heard in the background. Enter FUTURE!JONTY through the kitchen door.

         You, I challenge you to do the ice bucket challenge.

         I don’t think that’s exactly how it works.

         Yes it is.

         No it isn’t. You have to do the challenge yourself first, which... (realising) you already have.

FUTURE!JONTY nods knowingly.

         Don’t do this, you’ll cause a paradox.

         Yeah, so?

         If you go back in time and challenge yourself to do the ice bucket challenge, then where did the idea come from?

         I’unno. Does it matter.

         Yes, well...

         Because I know you’re gonna do it. You can’t stop yourself.

         Just stop it!

         Make me!
(runs out through the kitchen door)

FUTURE!JONTY is seen running through the kitchen towards the back door.


Before the ice bucket and chair are set up. The washing line is bare. And the camera is placed on the wheelie bin.

FUTURE!JONTY bursts through the front door, looks around hurriedly, and decides to hide in the SHED. He gets keys out of his pocket, and shuts himself in before PAST!JONTY emerges from the same back-door.

         Hmm, now where would I go...?
(shrugs his shoulders and walks back inside)

Cut to black title screen that reads: ONE DAY LATER


FUTURE!JONTY has just emerged from the shed. He walks over and picks up the camera to point it at himself.

         I am Jonty Levine, and I nominated myself to do the ice bucket challenge.

         Err, I’m pretty sure that’s not how the ice bucket challenge works.

         ZAK: Yeah, don’t you have to nominate three people to do it after you?

[AD LIB - I’ll decide there and then who to nominate.]

Cut to credits:

Written by          —          Jonty Levine
Directed by          —          Jonty Levine


Jonty Levine          —          himself
Zak Armstrong           —          himself
Will Dawson           —          himself
As my first (and currently only) foray into screen writing, In 2014 wrote a short comedy sketch around the idea of an ice bucket challenge video. I filmed and edited it over a period of a few days, and you can watch the finished short here:…
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