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It was unusually warm for winter. The glaciers had retreated more than ever, causing untold ecological damage to the fragile northern tundra, and disturbing the migration routes of the legendary white whales. But more importantly, it was turning the tide of the battle to the enemy's advantage. They fought well on open land, preferably free from ice. Their forces rushed in to claim ground from the retreating glaciers, and they had enough resources that they could stare us down for long enough, and we'd most likely starve to death before they did.

"This isn't war. This is a slaughter," muttered General Ragnar, while his officer paced slowly around the Device. Their breath condensing into the air around it.
"But sir, if we turn this thing on, it would advance the permafrost, restoring nearly a thousand square kilometres of battlefield into prime arctic wilderness."
"I know," said the general "But what are the advantages?”
The officer sighed. "War is hell."
"War is hell," Ragnar agreed. He too paced across the bunker, rubbing his hand across the cold metal of the Device until finally, he reached into his pocket and turned the second key.
"Do it then!"
"Is that an order?"
"Yes lieutenant, that's an order!"
The officer keyed in the security passcode and, as he threw the final switch, he muttered: "I am become death, destroyer of worlds."

The Glaciation Bomb was active.

Presently, it began to snow. As the snow cloud blocked out the sun, the glacier began to advance. It crushed the enemy encampment before it would then advance to the ocean and beyond. In time it will crush our encampment too. Mutually assured destruction. But that is the price we pay for absolute victory. The only real winner is the environment. War is hell. But it's a hell that's about to freeze over.
Short story that I wrote when I overheard the phrase 'glaciation bomb' at UoN's Creative Writing Society.

Cover image is my own photo, taken in Iceland.

You can listen to my dramatic reading of the story on University Radio Nottingham, which I recorded for you here:…
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