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Daydreaming with Reniera by Jynt0 Daydreaming with Reniera :iconjynt0:Jynt0 2 1 Jynto says hello! by Jynt0 Jynto says hello! :iconjynt0:Jynt0 1 0
Ice Bucket Challenge {script}
                Ice Bucket Challenge
                      Jonty Levine
                   (working script)
We open on a handheld camera shot of the back garden. The shed door is vaguely visible, as is the washing line. JONTY stands beside an EMPTY BUCKET on a CHAIR.
         You recording?
         Okay, so this is my ice bucket challenge. I was nominated by... nevermind who nominated me. Let’s just get to the challenge. Aaand first thing’s first.
(holds up the bucket and shows it to the camera)
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 0 0
Nottingham 2064
Nottingham, England, 6 November 2064. A news broadcast blares out of a TV screen in the Portland Building lobby, except no one hears it, because it's on mute. But the subtitles, generated in real-time to match the news reporter's speech, tell us she is discussing a controversial new proposal from the shadow education secretary that's really blown up in the news lately. This proposal would make university attendance compulsory by 2070.
The University of Nottingham still prides itself as a truly international university, with campuses on four continents. But it’s far from special in this regard. In this day and age, many similar institutions have taken to expanding overseas, thanks to the miracle of universal translation.
Right now a loose group students, a mix of Chinese, British and Brazilian, are milling around, chatting about the usual student things - exams, lectures, coursework, last night's Campus 23 - all in their native tongues. Anyone with a Google Glass or Apple iPatch c
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 0 0
Chad's Map by Jynt0 Chad's Map :iconjynt0:Jynt0 1 0
The Map of Chad
“I’m telling you, it works!”
“That is such bullshit,” said Luke.
“What’s bullshit?” asked Hana as she scooted her chair over to them.
Luke picked up the book and showed it to her.
“Chad says he can ‘change the real world’ by writing in this book,” he sneered holding something that looked like everyone else’s textbook, somewhat frayed about the edges and open at the world map page. “Like he’s the fucking Death Note of geography or some—”
“I knew you wouldn’t believe me,” Chad interjected. “That’s why I changed the name of Rafaranda.”
“To what?”
Chad took advantage of Luke’s temporary confusion to snatch back the book.
“Well I...”
“Is that even a real place?” Hana asked again.
“Yes— well, not anymore.”
Luke’s expression changed to fear, which was not a good look for him.
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 0 0
Glaciation Bomb
It was unusually warm for winter. The glaciers had retreated more than ever, causing untold ecological damage to the fragile northern tundra, and disturbing the migration routes of the legendary white whales. But more importantly, it was turning the tide of the battle to the enemy's advantage. They fought well on open land, preferably free from ice. Their forces rushed in to claim ground from the retreating glaciers, and they had enough resources that they could stare us down for long enough, and we'd most likely starve to death before they did.
"This isn't war. This is a slaughter," muttered General Ragnar, while his officer paced slowly around the Device. Their breath condensing into the air around it.
"But sir, if we turn this thing on, it would advance the permafrost, restoring nearly a thousand square kilometres of battlefield into prime arctic wilderness."
"I know," said the general "But what are the advantages?”
The officer sighed. "War is hell."
"War is hell," Ragnar agre
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 0 0
Everyone was saying this’d be the best thing to happen to humanity since opposable thumbs, or some other huge milestone. This 'update' was going to carry us to a new plane of existence. Or possibly destroy us, we just didn't know. I personally didn't buy all the hype - "It's just a point update," I'd say when someone brought up the topic.
Don't get me wrong - it was a big deal. I can see why the news channels were covering it 24/7, despite there being nothing new to cover. Of course people took to the internet to speculate. And I saw an interesting essay about how a benevolent god might have planned the update to remove all prejudice from our minds. But most every other comment seemed to be someone's wishlist of the awesome superpowers they wish we all had.
And yes, it was all of us. 7 billion people saw the progress bar at the exact same time, in the corners of their eyes, at 1% and counting. Alongside it were a few words telling them they would soon be updated to Version 1.1 of
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 1 0
Day One
Two planets, hitherto sharing an orbit around 90 million miles from the young sun, had been edging ever closer over the last epoch. They shared a mutual twirling dance while comets rained down upon their parched surfaces, peppering them both with holes and coating them with a thin film of water. Eventually however they got too close, and gravity pulled them inexorably towards a collision, every atom of one planet tugging on every atom of the other one. They hit. Though the smaller of the two bodies crumbled first, the impact tore them both nearly to pieces, churning their centres to the surface and burying parts of their surfaces in the centre of the new merged planet. This planet, not like the two that came before it, was spinning rapidly, so that within mere hours, it had shown its entire surface to the parent star. This was the first full rotation of the planet that beings on its surface would later decide to call the Earth. And though its rotation has slowed down a lot since those
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Ode to Carbon {poem}
You are my favourite element, C?
Four bonds you offer, in strength and security
There is no element that you, carbon, will not embrace
So from the diamond on my ring to my true love's face
You make everything that matters in my life
Your covalent bonds could not be cut with a knife
Stronger than ruby, topaz and quartz
And every organic compounds depends on your supports
For it would not be organic without you, carbon
So much more reactive than neon and argon
If not for this fact, there would be no life
Carbon, I wish to make you my wife
So much more faithful than a human lover
I only want atoms under my bed covers
That collection of atoms may call itself a person
But it's the elements within her that I love for certain
So with this diamond ring I get down on one knee
Giving atoms to atoms. Carbon will you marry me?
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If you are reading this in GCSE English {poem}
If you are reading this in GCSE English class
Know that this is not a sonnet. It is not a piece of rap music
And it most definitely is not romantic.
Your teacher may push you to seek out meaning in the
unexplained line breaks, subtle symbols
Turn the page on its side, perhaps, and you will observe, contemplate, infer perhaps
the deeper allusions behind the bed of spikes
formed by this stanza,
representing the angst and the deathly cringe within the mind of some so-called poet
(hint: the line break is a metaphor for death)
Or is it a city skyline? Representing the tragedy of my home town.
Teacher is really grasping at straws here.
It's not even a proper poem
I couldn't write it in iambic or trochaic pentameter.
And that's just sad.
Seek out Heaney or Duffy instead. They are far worthier poets.
If you are reading this poem in GCSE English class
Find your own meaning. It belongs to you now.
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 1 0
accENT upON the WRONG syLLABle NOW {poem}
like THIS, like THAT! i WILL do ANyTHING
to KEEP this POem IN iAMbic FORM
shakeSPEARE would BE scorNING me FROM his GRAVE
but SCREW that, HE wrote HIS own RULES so WHY
can't I do THE same? OKay IT may NOT
be PROper PENtamETer AND those LAST
few LINE breaks WERE someTHING quite HIDeOUS
but WE'RE pushING onWARDS, riSING, fallING
bringING a NEW rhyTHM to EVEryDAY;
evER be THE same AND it WILL be GREAT!
if YOU hate IT at FIRST, get USED to IT
and TELL your FRIENDS the REvoLUtion's HERE
and IT won't EVen HAVE to RHYME, so THERE!
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 1 0
You're lying on a park bench, watching the world go by. You've recently turned 14, and therefore too old to go in the playground, though it makes little difference to you now. Last summer they got rid of the big slide, health and safety reasons as such, and it's not been fun anymore. You have little to do while your little brother is enjoying the swings, so you take out your phone and play a game, pretending to look busy. But you soon give up.
Still, you could be indoors right now, doing homework in front of the TV, watching the same old sitcoms and getting stuck on the second question. So you enjoy the fresh air for what it is. Taking in a deep breath of it, you recline on the bench and stretch out your legs. And you raise an arm to brush the long hair out of your eyes.
You tilt your head back and watch the world go by. Everything looks the same, except upside down. You see a ceiling of green grass, crossed by the black ribbon of the tarmac footpath. There is an ocean of blue sky belo
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 3 1
F***ing Zombies
They'd seen it in movies: every possible interpretation of the zombie apocalypse. Sometimes they walked, sometimes they ran, always they were deadly. But no one ever expected them to curse. In hindsight it shouldn’t have been at all surprising. It had been known for a while that the brain stores profanities differently from the rest of the rest of the language centre. There had been countless heartbreaking cases of patients recovering from a stroke and lost the power of speech. The joy of their loved ones when they started swearing, and the terrible disappointment when they realised that was the only thing they could say, was repeated thousands of times in hospitals everywhere.
Then in October of 2013, it happened to everyone. As predicted, the virus was quarantined, but it escaped through the air vents. By the time they discovered the extent of the spread, it had been incubated in the bodies of thousands with no visible symptoms. Once it spread to the brain however, their high l
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 1 0
My Life as a...
Day 6. Well, I assume it's day 6, since it was nighttime when he last took me out, and it has probably passed midnight by now. Nonetheless it is difficult to accurately gauge the passing of time when I am imprisoned like this. I cannot see, nor hear a thing from outside. Furthermore, every one of my senses has been dulled. I do not feel hungry, tired or thirsty. Even my sense of touch is gone. Either that, or a force field suspends me inside a space that is too large for me to even reach the walls.
And yet, I quite like it in here. I didn't always though. At first I hated it. In fact the first time I was thrown in here, I was angry - burning with so much hot fiery anger, first at being humiliated, then at being thrust into this prison. But it was a fruitless endeavour to remain this angry for too long. I tried to scratch my way out but alas, I soon discovered the walls were unreachable. So there I remained - sat one could say, except there was nothing for me to sit on, not even a floor
:iconjynt0:Jynt0 0 1
My Life as an iPhone
Day 1 - I said a fond farewell to my identical brothers and sisters as we left the production line and went our separate ways. We are all equally perfect, our components sized to tolerances of mere micrometres. May we all live perfect lives, with each of us a perfect user.
Day 2 - Bah, I am still waiting in this warehouse to be loaded onto the freight plane. At this rate I'll never leave China. DHL has a lot to answer for this.
Day 3 - Alright, after that unnecessary delay, I am at last loaded up with a pre-paid SIM card, and ready to meet my buyer. I can't wait.
Day 4 - My buyer is unboxing me all wrong. Oh well, I suppose she's my user now. I had better get used to her. "Slide to set up."
Day 5 - My user has waltzed through the setup process without even bothering to set up an iCloud account. What a philistine. Still, I am quick to judge. Maybe she will understand me better when I show her the 1 million plus apps in my curated App Store.
Day 6 - What is the point of having a develope
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Jonty Levine
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As a child, I never liked writing stories. Now I am an author. My head is filled with the first drafts of at least five novels. I still haven't give up my love of drawing either, if I could only find my pencils.


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Daydreaming with Reniera
Another pic of the little boy within me who refuses to grow up. Here he is in the library getting distracted by a snowglobe while Reniera, his dæmon, does all the reading for him.

Today is also the 18th of November, which means it's his 12th birthday (again). Happy birthday, Jynto!

Drawn by the incredibly talented Sannamy (:iconsannamy:) who does great value commissions by the way. Thanks, dude!
Jynto says hello!
A little picture I commissioned last year for a character who represents my inner child. The artist is Mind-Infinity on Tumblr. I should really commission more art from them.

There is also a secret meaning to the coloured parts in his hair.


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