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WotA: Durai Sharma | White Iron Fist
By Jymaru   |   Watch
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Published: May 28, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 Jymaru

Mortal self

Name: Durai Sharma
Age: 21
Gender: Female (she/her)

Personality: Durai is often rude and abrasive, and almost always aloof. She views society as sheepish and inherently dislikes authority figures. This attitude is because she suffers from compassion fatigue - she has cared so much about so many things, put all of her energy into helping as many people as possible, that her every-day attitude has suffered. When involved in helping others, she becomes kind and gentle, almost like a completely different person. She has trouble making friends due to her outward attitude, which only serves to make things worse for her. If she had friends, perhaps she would be encouraged to get therapy and perhaps a diagnosis for depression and/or a personality disorder

History: Durai grew up in the slums of another city and had to take up a job in order to help her family survive. She took part in campaigns and protests whenever she could, but everything proved to be too much for her. She longed for a quieter place and, when she became old enough, she ran away to Inverlawu. However, the much calmer pace of life in Inverlawu was something that she struggled to adjust to, and thus she took to being a hoodlum, not knowing what else to do with her life

Bullet; Green
Helping people (when she has the mental energy for it)
Bullet; Green Food (when she can afford it)
Bullet; Green Sleep (when she can find a good place to do so)
Bullet; Red
Authority figures
Bullet; Red Sleepless nights
Bullet; Red Being hungry

[None yet]

Bullet; Black Durai is homeless. She usually sleeps under the bridge over River Lawu
Bullet; White Durai would get a job, but lacks the qualifications as she hasn't been to school, and thus also can't go to college or university
Bullet; Black Durai longs to have friends, but can't bring herself to be nice all the time due to her compassion fatigue

Abstract Self

Name: White◇Iron Fist

Bullet; White Temperance is White◇Iron Fist's main adversary, and always seems to get in the way of her plans. She really does not like him

Pure Flames
Color: Ice Blue
Flame: Right Eye
Weapon: ◇Iron Gauntlets
The Iron Gauntlets are a pair of huge mechanical arms attached to White's back. They can detach and fire off like rockets, though will always be attached to White via a chain with seemingly no limit to its length


Bullet; Black Most people refer to White◇Iron Fist simply as "White"
Bullet; White White's power is to control weaker Abstract Selves by making eye contact with them. The maximum for this ability is five, and it doesn't work on stronger Abstract Selves (basically, she can't control any member-made Abstract Selves, only ones equivalent in power to the hooded ones from the anime)
Bullet; Black White's braid weight can be used in combat
Bullet; White White must lift up her veil before she can activate her eye flame
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