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TDW: Nonno Fan
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Published: April 27, 2018
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Name: Nonno Fan

Age: 8 (6-Jan)

Gender: Female

Digivice: Magical Witches V-Pet (Aquary)

Digital Shard: Digimon - Crest of Hope by CSolarstormHope

Height: 4' 4"

Nationality: Ainu

Personality: Nonno is quite shy and introverted, quite counter to her boyish appearance and tastes, yet still a perfect counter to her twin sister Shinotca. She struggles with assertiveness and looks to her sister or her Digimon for guidance in most situations, though she has started doing this with her adoptive dads as well. However, she seems reluctant to rely on Riley for this, as she observes him to have the same struggles as her when it comes to opening up to people. Despite her general withdrawn demeanor, she is strongly an optimist, and this can pull her through a lot of tough situations much better than someone like Ulrich, as she doesn't spend much time figuring out what could go wrong, instead hoping for everything to go right. This is also a drawback, however, as it can get her into even worse situations due to the lack of forethought, and it is good for her to have someone to get her to slow down and figure things out in certain situations

History: Not knowing their original parents, Nonno and Shinotca have been in the care of a local nunnery come school since they were very young. Though there was no malice in their relationships with the nuns, there was also no real love, and both twins found themselves quite lonely. Nonno dealt with this by becoming withdrawn and clinging to what the nuns could give her, relying on them to help her choose with every decision she could get away with doing so for. She watched as her sister slowly developed phases of erratic exuberance followed by phases of deep depression, and did everything she could to help

One day, the two were out in a nearby park when they found two strange yet small creatures with relatively opposing color schemes. The darker one fled and Shinotca gave chase, but the lighter one stayed and talked to Nonno until Shinotca returned triumphantly, the darker creature under her arm. The lighter one introduced itself as Tokomon and said that it came to be friends with Nonno. The twins sneaked their new friends into their rooms and talked to them when they weren't busy with classes. One day, on complete impulse, Shinotca decided to go exploring away from the nunnery, and Nonno went with her so as to not be left alone. They returned as soon as Shinotca got bored, but the thrill of the adventure stuck with the both of them, and they began to seek it out where they could. They would sneak out every so often with their Digimon and go exploring the town. One day, they happened upon the Lune and tried to sneak inside. Though Shinotca got bored and returned to the nunnery, Nonno did not, and was found by one of the residents passing by. They informed Nonno about the purpose of the Lune, and offered to help her sign up, since she had a Digimon. With the help of the residents, Nonno explained to the nuns that she would like to stay at the Lune from now on - though it hurt her to be separated from her twin, she hoped one day that Shinotca would be able to join too

One day, during an adventure into the digital world, Nonno and her now-Rookie Digimon Sistermon met up with Ulrich, Yiju, and Riley. Shortly after this, the group spent more time together - including Shinotca - and eventually became a family. Though the adoption of the twins is unofficial and not legally binding, they consider themselves adopted all the same

Digimon Partner: Nonno's partner Digimon cares a lot about her and is a gentle authoritative figure whenever Nonno needs him to be. Both Tokomon and Sistermon love hugs, and Nonno makes sure that everybody knows that they're a boy and not a girl like the name Sistermon implies

In-Training: Tokomon
Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Sistermon Blanc
Attacks: Divine Pierce | Protect Wave

Champion: Sistermon Ciel
Ultimate: LadyDevimon
Mega: Beelzemon
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Kia-arra|Hobbyist General Artist
Yay for young tamers!  Nonno looks like fun.  (although... sistermon still gives me the creeps)
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Jymaru|Professional Digital Artist
Sistermon's sister is creepier yes indeed. Somber boy is nothing compared to overly exuberant murder lady |D
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Kia-arra|Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, sistermon (black) is less creepy to me.... it's really the hat I'm worried about.  0______0 *stare*
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Jymaru|Professional Digital Artist
all three Sistermons' hats are judging you
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