TDW: Conquest for Control Part 1

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Published: September 30, 2018
After the group of tamers had been briefed on the current situation  on top and around the mountain Yiju turned to Ulrich concerned  ans the two walked away to a private area where they could talk they had a choice to make, were they going to join the rescue team or sit this one out  to protect their three kids. " they are still so young taking them in there unprepared.... Its scary Ulrich " In the end Yiju and Ulrich decided if they can help they should. They headed back and collected the chip to attach to their digivice

Ulrich had tried to suggest simply leaving the kids with the nuns whom Shinotca had been staying with until the big move, but Nonno was having none of it, she really wanted to come. Shino felt she'd be out of her element in the digital world, and ended up staying home. Their Digivices prepared, both them and their Digimon ready - including a lovely Near cosplay for Ulrich - they set off to perform their tasks

Arriving in the digital world Yiju pulled out his map looking around to see if there  was any identifiable land marks to tell where they are . The small group looked around the area  before   meeting back up again and sharing what they learned , They found their location and  started walking in the correct direction they were a bit out from the mountain but not to far that it would take days to get  there . As they walked they played games like I spy  and charades

The closer they got, the more the air filled with dread. Something absolutely wasn't right. It was too quiet, not even any background sounds of distant wildlife or anything of the sort. It had all gone somewhere. Knowing the details of the mission, that was absolutely ominous

Riley got chills and rubbed his arms "  I don't like this lets go home"  he pleaded walking closer to Ulrich's side  he didn't reach to hold his hand but he probably thought about it . " make sure everyone stays close " Yiju comments keeping an eye out for any trouble

Ulrich uncrossed his arms to offer his hand for Riley to hold, doing his best to smile gently. It wasn't long, however, before he ushered everybody to a stop. Why he had stopped became obvious after a second or two, as a rustling noise came into audible range, before a disheveled and visibly rattled Tapirmon burst out of a nearby bush

Keomon jumped out in front guarding them from the now surprised Tapirmon  , Keomon flicked his tail  thinking through the options  they would most likely have to fight the digimon  they didn't have time to spend fighting  when the real trouble lay on top of the mountain  what should he do ?!

The Tapirmon started shaking, obviously afraid, and shot out a black spectre from its mask at Keomon out of that fear, but most of what it succeeded at was throwing the Tapirmon itself backwards. Ulrich sprinted forwards and got behind Tapirmon to break its collision with a nearby tree. It seemed relieved, but was still very rattled and scared, and seemed to keep slipping into a rage state briefly, where it would flail and start trying to attack, before stopping midway through and regaining its sensibility. Ulrich tried using a spare chip on the Tapirmon but it was ineffective. In the end, Ulrich got up, put the Tapirmon under his arm, and returned to the group, ushering them onwards. He didn't seem at all concerned about carrying about what equates to a wild animal with some kind of digital rabies, and during its lucid moments, Tapirmon had accepted its fate for now was to be carried

The group moved on through to the next area keeping their sights on the moutain that was  drawing closer but still just out of reach  as it became mid day the weather was getting hotter they decided to take a break for lunch they sat down in the shade of a large tree  as they rested from all the walking all the sudden a Unimon burst out from the bushes to their left startleing the group it lowered its head pointing its horn at them  pawing the ground  upset like all the digimon around the moutain. Yiju jumped to his feet  but Riley was  to tired to move and let the others deal with it

Sistermon took to action first, creating a bubble shield around Riley and Nonno. Ulrich wasn't far behind, taking out his Digivice and doing his usual signing routine as Zimbamon digivolved to Benimon before bullrushing Unimon and attempting a grapple, much to the chagrin of the rather large partially-metal horse

Yiju fumbled with his digivice but soon got things under control he  looked down at keomon "  We have to do something ! "  Keomon digivolved into Nuitmon and ran over  to Benimon to help

Things seemed to be going well. With Benimon and Nuitmon handling Unimon, it seemed like there wouldn't be much trouble. Tapirmon had calmed down under the influence of Sistermon's barrier, and had decided that it would be best to have a nap, since there was nothing else it could do with its time
What nobody suspected, however, was an attack from behind. Perhaps it had felt its brethren struggling. Perhaps it just wanted to ruin somebody's day. Either way, an Ogremon charged the group through the weak spot in Sistermon's shield, performing a sweeping blow with its club. Noticing just in time, Ulrich got in the way of the blow to protect Nonno and was launched backwards, slamming into Sistermon, dispersing the shield, and sending his digivice flying. As the digivice hit the tree, something came off of the back of it and landed in the grass
Ulrich got up, walked slowly over to his digivice, and picked it up. Benimon floated over to his side as he held out his digivice with one hand and signed with the other, each letter of a command

[Warp Digivolution, activate]
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Did not have much time to get this one done unfortunately, sorry it's shorter than normal

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