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TA: Takara Isto-West | Dancer
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Published: September 9, 2018
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General Info
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Name: Takara Isto-West

Nickname: Taka (Otherworld staff and Moku only)

Gender: ??? (they/them)

Height/Weight: 7' 8" / 44kg

Class: Defense


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Battle Info
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Quirk: Showman

Quirk Type: Transformation

Description of Quirk
This quirk activates whenever the user performs specific dances. Each dance provides a specific "stat buff" for a set time, though some more rigorous dances can create minor transformations to grant temporary abilities. In its current state, this quirk can only activate one effect at a time (performing a new dance will cancel out the old effect in favor of the new one) and is, naturally, rather draining on stamina if used in excess. Each effect can only apply for up to five minutes before fading, though performing another dance of the same type will prolong it
The current dances known are
  • Adumu is a type of dance originating from the Masaai people of East Africa, and characterised by rhythmic jumping. Whilst seemingly the simplest dance to do, it takes more stamina that it would seem to. It boosts Agility by 3 points
  • Capoeira is a type of dance originating from the slaves in Brazil and other areas around there. It is the most well-known combination of fighting and dance and, whilst complicated, it allows the user to somewhat dodge and retaliate to any disruption attacks. It boosts Strength by 3 points
  • Corroboree is one of the names given broadly to the dances of the Australian Aborigines, and any dance under this umbrella counts towards this effect. Due to this, it is a rather versatile dance to use. It boosts Defense by 3 points
  • Swing is a broad term for various dances from the 1920s-1940s, including Charleston and Lindyhop, as well as the more contemporary swing dance moves. Whilst any of these will work for this effect, the user has a preference for the more contemporary style. It boosts Charisma by 3 points
  • Tap is a style of dance which utilises rapid foot movements and often very little upper body movement, usually with the intent of creating sounds via the impact of their shoes against a surface. Due to this, this is not effective on a soft surface such as carpet or grass, and due to the rapid leg movements it can be quite draining. It transforms the user's arms into wings, allowing for rudimentary flight
Base defense matches base Strength
Base Charisma matches base Technique

Quirk Strengths
  • Versatile - Each dance type creates a different effect. The user has the potential to learn and master new types of dance with different effects, as well as increase the potency of the effects of existing dances
  • Hard to read - Given the unique nature of the various dances employed to fight, many common opponents struggle to get a read on the nature and movements of the fighting style enough to employ effective counters quickly

Quirk Weaknesses
  • Draining - To activate an effect, the user must perform a dance, which drains stamina before the effect even begins. Various effects, such as agility and flight, come with increased movement without the accompanying increased stamina, causing further stamina drain from said abilities. Adding that the effect only lasts for a limited amount of time before another dance must be performed, draining yet more stamina, this quirk can be very draining if used in quick succession
  • Restrictive - Though versatile in its range of effects, this quirk is restrictive in how many effects can be active at one time - namely, one. In order to gain a different effect, a new dance must be performed, and the old effect is cancelled out. This also means that effects of the same type cannot stack
  • Easy to Interrupt - Due to the effects being activated by dance, a way to stop the effect from occurring is to disrupt the dance. This is easier to do with some than others, but possible to do with all by way of sweeping the user's legs from under them

What path do you want to go down with your quirk?
Takara has no solid idea of what the future holds for them, but they have a desire to learn more dance types, and helping people on the side is a good bonus. Unlike many people who come to the school, Takara does not necessarily wish to become a pro hero, though they would not necessarily object to becoming so if such an opportunity would present itself

STR: 3

INT: 1

AGI: 3

TEC: 3

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Personal Info
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Positive Characteristics
  • Is very friendly towards people they deem as "safe", though sometimes overly so
  • Has a solid foundation to their perceived personality, even if it is entirely faked
  • Has a lot of love to give, even if this does sometimes make them a bit too trusting
Negative Characteristics
  • Struggles intensely with any kind of book learning
  • Gets frustrated easily when confronted with things they don't understand in a format they cannot easily learn from, and has a tendency to give up on anything presented to them in such a way
  • Cannot make decisions under normal circumstances based purely on their own opinions - they are always thinking about what somebody else would do in a situation, and will easily find themselves unable to decide things within situations where other people's reactions are an unknown element
  • Does not like to be alone, but also struggles with opening up to people, creating a sort of shame paradox
  • Is very clingy towards their family and friends

Takara is, much like their quirk, a showman. The personality they present to the world is one of extroverted eccentricity, expertly emulated examples eclectic elements extracted from excelling entertainers. The likes of Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Freddy Mercury, and David Bowie all played a role in them developing their public persona. In truth, there is a lot more depth to them than would be obvious from the outside, but it takes a longer formed friendship to fracture the false facade of familiarity and fundamental fun-loving frolicking through formalities to freely face the true personality within. Truly, deep down, Takara can be quite shy, and though they have come from a loving home environment, they have never quite developed the ability to decide things without outside input - in fact, it is likely because of the mollycoddling in their upbringing that such a trait formed. Also due to their upbringing, Takara is disarmingly dim - certainly, they can think, and can do so quite fast, but when it comes to any kind of book smart, they have absolutely no skill. A very practical person in general, they have no patience for theory, and their inability to grasp a concept as written on paper frustrates them enough for them to give up on the concept entirely. Were a teaching method be found that appeals to Takara's practical nature, they would likely be able to learn at a speed equal to their peers

  • Bats
  • Dancing
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Famous singer-dancer figures
  • Family and friends
  • Music that cannot be danced to (such as dubstep or rap)
  • Any form of book learning
  • Knives
  • Doors
  • Low shelves

Born to a fairly normal family, Takara was predominantly raised by their father Zyde, as their mother was always away on some business trip or errand or another. One day, she simply didn't return home when expected. Though she wasn't dead, Zyde would always be vague about what was actually going on, and eventually she faded from Takara's memory. However, due to their mother's now-permanent absence, Zyde began to coddle Takara more than ever, and was almost certainly too soft on them. They were raised not having to do anything that frustrated them, and thus never being able to truly grasp what most would consider essential life skills. They were never apart from family and friends, and never forced into making decisions on their own or trying to grasp concepts beyond their current level of knowledge. Though in the cloistered environment of being home-schooled this was not a problem, when it came to dealing with any element of the outside world, it became a serious hassle. This culminated after Zyde took in Moku and Kura, as Takara wanted to do what Moku wanted to do, which ended up being going to Teiko Academy. Thus, thrusting themselves out into the world from the comfort of never having to do anything truly by themselves, Takara finds themselves very lost in this world, but has found passion in the form of wishing to develop their quirk and become a person others can depend on

What made your character decide to join Teikō Academy?
When Zyde took in Moku and Kura, Moku eventually decided that she wanted to go to TA, and Takara had grown attached to her to the point where they wanted to do whatever she wanted to. They figured that, along the way, they'd find a passion, and indeed they did

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Fun Facts
  • Takara lives in the house above the pub called Otherworld, which is run by Zyde and a group of other found-family members who also live in the same house
  • Takara is deaf. Not 100%-can't-hear-anything deaf, but deaf enough to need a hearing aid. This may well add to their frustration about theory methods of learning
  • Takara's height and build are inherited from Zyde, who is even taller and thinner than Takara. Their mother's quirk was the ability to process numbers at a super-rapid rate. Obviously, Takara inherited absolutely zero of this

  • Dancing
  • Cooking
  • Karaoke
  • Wrapping oneself in blankets and watching CarBot animations on YouTube
  • Listening to Arriba Mami by Jingle Punks on repeat
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