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TA: Jekyll (and Hyde)
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Published: September 29, 2018
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General Info
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Name: Whatever their name once was, they don't answer to it anymore...

Nickname: Jekyll

Gender: Variable (see Personality)

Height: 3' 9"
Weight: "You're welcome to try and find out"

Class: Support


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Battle Info
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Quirk: Legion

Quirk Type: Transformation

Description of Quirk
This quirk allows the user to split up to four "clones" off from themselves. These clones are piloted by different alters, and possess a fraction of the power of the True Body. However, any one of them can become the True Body if within a distance where they would be visible (whether or not there are obstructions in the way doesn't matter so long as they're within potentially-visible range). If a clone is destroyed, the alter returns to the True Body, but the fraction of power the clone was using will not return to the True Body. Needless to say, the True Body being destroyed would result in the death of the user. There is no time limit for these clones beyond using up their own energy reserves. if a clone uses up its power, it disappears and the alter returns to the True Body

Quirk Strengths
  • Persistent - The True Body falling unconscious or going to sleep will not make the clones disappear. The clones will not disappear when they fall asleep, on the grounds that sleep is not achieved simply when someone reaches 0 energy. This can make them useful for daily life tasks, achieving up to five times the efficiency
  • Life-saving - If the True Body is in critical danger and a clone is within range, the clone can become the True Body to save the user's life

Quirk Weaknesses
  • Power Level - Each clone takes a fraction of the True Body's power, and will lose that fraction if destroyed. Energy, as with normal people, can be recovered in various ways, but in combat it is not likely to be recovered. Due to this, frequent use and destruction of clones will rapidly deplete the power of the True Body. Clones cannot be created if the amount of power they'd take would deplete the True Body to a critical level
  • Not Gestalt - Due to being piloted by other alters, the clones have free will, and can be quite unruly and erratic. This can lead from anything from the clones simply disobeying their instructions to - depending on the alter - causing harm to the True Body. Some alters considered more "powerful" can also pose a greater risk to the user's life due to their temperament
  • Do Not Share - The bodies do not share information with each other without physical communication. Not only does this limit the uses of the clones, but it can also be quite jarring for different alters, up to downright distressing, due to the difference between an empty mind and one full of other people

What path do you want to go down with your quirk?
Jekyll has no path in mind, and likely never will. Improving its power would be nice, but they are fine with it as it is, and every path they could go down is something they do already as part of the Support class and their hobbies

STR: 3

INT: 3

AGI: 1

TEC: 3

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Personal Info
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Positive Characteristics
  • Due to being treated harshly throughout the vast majority of their life, Jekyll is fiercely loyal to anybody who treats them nicely
  • Will do absolutely anything for somebody who treats them nicely, as an attempt to keep in their favor
  • Most of the alters are incredibly gentle, and will never badmouth people or otherwise treat them poorly. This does not apply to all alters (see below)
Negative Characteristics
  • Is the absolute epitome of a doormat
  • Despite being fiercely loyal to people who are nice to them, they find it atrociously difficult to trust people, often worrying that the only thing keeping people being nice to them is the stuff they give those people
  • Some of the alters can be incredibly rude, especially to people they don't like. Due to their past, they have an extreme distaste for perverts, and have problems dealing with adults
  • Absolutely obsessed with certain stories and will react harshly if such stories are badmouthed
  • Will do absolutely anything for somebody who treats them nicely. This makes them very easily abused

Jekyll is the collective name of 32 different alters, each with their own personality and mannerisms. They have no "host", and do not respond to regular names, instead each having a title they use. They are all different ages mentally (most of them nonsensically large), which leads to a lot of confusion about their physical age, making it more or less a "blank space" when questioned collectively. They also have their own genders and pronouns. All of these will be noted alongside their titles

Maiden | 22 - 16 | she/her - Appears innocent at first but can actually be rather devious, has a minor obsession with money
Witch | 22 - 16 | she/her - A true example of the Jerk With A Heart Of Gold trope, appears to be a jerk at first but is actually rather soft-hearted
Librarian | ~100 | he/him - Loves books and can be very vitriolic when disturbed from them. Is gentle and quiet besides this
Lady | ~500 | she/her - Is polite and courteous to a fault, but also rather haughty in both voice and wording
Martyr | 10 | they/them - With arms spread wide, they hold the pose of the saint. In reality, they looks and act rather silly
Servant | 19 | he/him - The mentality and sass of a butler who has to deal with too much shit. Really likes knives
Child | 6 | she/her - Considers herself the younger sister of the Lady, who responds in kind. Is perhaps the most erratic alter, prone to violent outbursts
Swordsman | ~50 | they/them - A stoic and gentlemanly fellow who never likes to be too far from a sword. Too bad for them that we're not allowed swords
Glutton | ??? | she/her - Absolutely loves food. Loves cooking food, loves eating food, and love giving people food. Might be slightly obsessed
Sloth | ??? | they/them - Would rather do nothing all day, but can be pushed into action if necessary. If they help you, they'll expect payment
Judge | ??? | they/them - A rather strict judge of people, based on their own set of rules that nobody really knows. The punishments are never severe though
Pyro | ~1300 | he/him - Loves fire more than anything. Will absolutely get burned. He is why we carry burn cream
Liar/Truth-Teller | ??? | ??? - One side tells lies, the other tells the truth. Which side you get is completely up to chance. This can cause so many problems
Nurse | ??? | she/her - Means well, but the concoctions she makes probably shouldn't be drank. At least she knows how to disinfect and dress wounds
Princess | ~1500 | she/her - You thought the Lady was haughty, she has nothing on this girl. This one isn't even polite, and loves to boss people around
Musician | ??? | they/them - A very contradictory person, whose only ever consistent opinion is a strong love of music. Cannot actually play instruments
Feline | 15 | she/her - Does she love cats? Is she a cat? According to her, both of these are true. She certainly has the attitude of a cat
Mother | ~80 | she/her - Mother and friendly to all, always available for hugs, but will absolutely fight you if you insult anybody she cares about
Trickster | 12 | they/them - Likes to play pranks. Claims that that's all their is to their personality. They can be quite spiteful, and say what they think with no filter
Soldier | 26 | he/him - Seems to have all of the memories of childhood. Needs a hug really badly. Please hug himhe's a good boy
Canine | 15 | they/them - Acts like a dog, claims to be a dog. Considering the other alters support both this claim and Feline's, it's likely true within the headspace
Cleaner | 18 | she/her - Might be slightly obsessed with cleaning things. Sliiiightly. Okay more than slightly. A lot actually
Cursed | 16 | she/her - Believes herself cursed. Has some of the trauma memories. Please hug her she is sad
Teacher | 35 | he/she - Much like the Lie and Truth pair, this alter has two "sides". Unfortunately, both of them take the role of teacher
Devil | ??? | they/them - Devious to a fault, haughty and prone to violence. Not to be trusted
Angel | ??? | they/them - Has an attitude problem, but does seem to at least be kind of nice
Reporter | 21 | she/her - Want the news? This gal may have it, or she may just make it up. Either way it will sound awesome
Drunkard | ~300 | he/him - Do not give him alcohol no matter how much he begs. The body is too young and alcohol does not actually dull the pain
Maker | 15 | she/her - Loves making things, especially clothes and robots. Has a minor obsession with dolls
Inventor | 13 | he/him - Loves to help the Maker make robots. Is always coming up with new gadget ideas, but cannot actually make things on his own
Florist | ~50 | she/her - Absolutely vicious, her only love is flowers, but will protect the other alters from the Devil and other such internal threats
Sorrow | ??? | he/him - Retains most of the personality of the "original" Jekyll, before the other alters formed, though has no memories. Badly needs a hug

  • Sudoku
  • Stickers
  • Cats (especially Hyde)
  • Videogames (on handheld consoles)
  • Superhero stories
  • Books in general
  • Perverts
  • Adults
  • The lack of accessibility in modern society
  • Villains
  • People who villainise DID or use it as some ookie spookie halloween gimmick

Jekyll had the misfortune in life to be born to a supervillain. Disabled since birth, Jekyll had been abused by their family since childhood, both for needing crutches and for having what they saw as a useless quirk. Before Jekyll's alters formed, the clones were useless, unable to be piloted and possessing no form of autopilot. Though they were "trained" extensively, the number of clones created grew only slightly, and they still did not possess a consciousness. The ritual abuse of their life caused their alters to form, and they became able to pilot the clones. Now useful to their family, Jekyll started being taken on missions. It was during this time that they discovered their love of books, particularly superhero stories. Doing their very best to keep this a secret, they continued doing as instructed by their family, not wishing to get into trouble. During one particularly high-stakes mission, Jekyll mustered up all of their bravery and faked clumsiness with their crutches, setting off an alarm. Furious at this folly, the family spent so much time beating into Jekyll that they didn't notice the arrival of a group of heroes. Due to this, the family were quickly arrested, each in turn. However, when the weather hero looked down at Jekyll, injured and in tears and sat on the floor, she had a moment of pity and decided to  take Jekyll home with her instead of arrest them alongside their family. It has been a few years since then, and Jekyll has been treated well, now considering the weather hero their adoptive mother. Due to their physical condition getting worse, they were given a wheelchair, which helped them gain a larger degree of freedom and allowed them to go to the local library on their own. One day on the way back from the library, not too long ago, they found a stray cat that was missing a back leg and seemed to be a runt. Absolutely enamored with this disabled chimera kitty, Jekyll took them home and was allowed to keep them, calling them Hyde. Since then, the two have been absolutely inseparable. Recently, the weather hero suggested that Jekyll enroll at TA and pursue their passions through that

What made your character decide to join Teikō Academy?
Jekyll wants to be the hero's hero. The one a hero will turn to to make the things that help and keep them safe. The Support class at TA is perfect for realising this dream as reality and practicing the skills that make it possible

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Fun Facts
  • Jekyll lives with the weather hero Dhoruba
  • Jekyll doesn't tend to talk much, and won't say more than a few words at a time, unless talking about something that interests them. This holds true for all alters, due to their history
  • If you try to take Hyde away or say that Jekyll can't bring Hyde to school, Jekyll will fight you. Hyde is a good kitty
  • Jekyll's chair has been modified by other support heroes, to make getting around easier

  • Making stuff, particularly costumes, robots, and gadgets
  • Reading, especially superhero stories
  • Sudoku puzzles
  • Drawing
  • Stargazing
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Fistron|Hobbyist General Artist
The most gender is female. I saw your description.
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Jymaru|Professional Digital Artist
Interesting observation, but she/her doesn't automatically mean female
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Fistron|Hobbyist General Artist
Of course not. She can be anything.
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IHamby|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your selection of a calico can't be a coincidence. :sherlock:

On the character, I see 4 distinct skin tones, and you describe the limit as being 4 clones, so I wonder if each clone takes the entire skin tone with them upon spawning.
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Jymaru|Professional Digital Artist
It isn't, nor is the fact that it's a calico chimera

and nope, they don't take one of the skintones, I just wanted the "split" appearance a chimera would normally have (though chimera humans do not, this is a world where that doesn't matter so much because cosmetic quirks) and also vitiligo, because I'm a sucker for vitiligo
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