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GoE: Flame
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Published: January 20, 2019
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Note: Anything in [square brackets and italics] is meta knowledge, and will usually be the correct listing for a specific field, as opposed to what is written in unaltered text

"I am Team Mom but for an entire three Guilds. I am also legally a grandma"

Name: Flame
Age: 47 (??-???)
Gender: Female
Species: Human [Giant]
Height: 7' 6"
Fire Make
As the alter of R who learned to master fire, Flame is capable of using every Fire Make spell

R is capable of splitting off bodies to be occupied by a single alter for a temporary duration

R is capable of telepathy to a theoretically unlimited amount of targets within the approximate range of the average city size

Thought Projection
R is capable of creating a projection of themselves at a theoretically unlimited range

Transform: Giant [Transform: Size Change]
R is capable of changing size, and does so with incredible ease between alters, but each alter can also change their own size easily

Transform: Clothing
R is capable of altering their clothing. The only item of their clothing that cannot be altered is the three diamonds that seemingly tie their hair back

Personality: In all aspects of her personality, Flame is a loving mother. She is gentle and kind at all times possible, but is not afraid to be firm if necessary. She has seemingly unlimited patience, but her fury if you hurt someone she cares for is absolutely devastating. She loves with all of her heart, and shows it in as many ways as she can

History: The parts of R's life that Flame remembers are mostly recent, and therefore miss out on key periods. Flame first found herself in the Sun Village, hiding from the Giants there. Not understanding why she was hiding, but figuring there was a reason, she made her way through the village as stealthily as possible, until she found Atlas Flame. Enamored by this huge burning being, Flame found herself a purpose in learning how to master fire. The next time she woke up, she was staying at an inn in a village in Bosco, and several months had passed. Alarmed by this very sudden change of scenery and loss of time, she did her best to figure things out whilst also trying to remain awake for as long as possible. Discovering from the innkeeper that the room had been registered under the name "Krystal" for a period of two weeks, Flame started there and worked her way through several ideas of what could be going on, eventually settling on DID. Trying exercises to get into the inner world of her mind were fruitless at first, but eventually yielded results. This level of access eased her mind, and she was able to sleep after several days of staying awake. As she predicted, she once again lost days, but this time only a few, and awoke in the same inn. Now able to communicate with the other alters, she was able to negotiate, and set off on the quest of finding someone who could teach her fire magic. She took to it extremely well, and over a period of a year or so of on-and-off training, came to the point where her teacher could not teach her anything new. She desired to continue to gain power, and thus - much like Shadow - took to watching wizards in combat and various tournaments across Ishgar. By mimicking the fire mages she saw, she was able to learn new things, but this method of learning proved to be too slow for everybody, each impatient to reach their own goals. However, it was at one such viewing of the Grand Magic Games where Flame met Flare. At first, their relationship could best be described as "hostile" - Flame reminded Flare of home, and Flare's existence pulled on an unknown memory for Flame. Despite this, they continued to talk to one another, until both nearly broke down and confessed to why they seemed to dislike each other. Once they had established that between themselves, their relationship improved, and they became friends. Flame took to being an independent wizard for a few years, before meeting the McGarden family and Sig and Anis. They all had similar goals and, as a result, ended up founding the guild on the Tricountry border, building the building in segments over the years (it is for this reason that it is quite haphazard, especially in the upper levels and side rooms). With the responsibility of being a Guild Master now firmly on Flame's shoulders, she became the main frontrunner (alter who fronts the most) for R, despite that position not being hers previously. In addition, over the 15 years or so that the three Guilds have existed, her powers have escalated to the form they currently have, and make her the second most powerful alter of R

Bullet; Red Lives in the Tricountry dorms, with nothing fancy to denote her rank - just a regular couples room
Bullet; Orange I didn't cover their relationship much on this app, Flame is married to Flare Corona
Bullet; Red Hobbies include baking, cleaning, and crochet
Bullet; Orange Is unofficially Bors' and Erik's mother, and "legally" the grandma of Anaika, Hari, Regan, Emilia, and Malcolm
Bullet; Red Her hair resembles fire that has somehow been coaxed into looking like a hairstyle
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