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GoE: Erik

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Published: January 20, 2019
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"When you can hear people's thoughts, you get used to hearing the weirdest bullshit mankind has to offer"
Name: Erik
Age: 24(?) (16th July)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5' 11"
Poison Dragonslayer
As a second-generation Dragon Slayer, Erik possesses the ability to use and eat an element - in his case, poison. He is able to use the standard Dragon Slayer techniques, though they are all named with consideration to his snake theme

Sound Make: Palm
Erik takes a sound that he has just heard and weaponises it to boost his palm strikes

Sound Make: Wall
Erik takes a sound that he has just heard and uses it to generate a wall

Personality: A wry individual with a hot-tempered streak, Erik spends most of his time being either sarcastic, sassy, or annoyed. His dry wit and generally down-to-earth attitude is a good counter to both Kinana's boundless cheerfulness and Bors' unrealistic dramatisation, and he often serves as both a ground and a foil for the both of them. Despite having considered himself to have forsaken it in the past, Erik holds his friendships above all else, and will fight tooth and nail to keep them. Despite claiming he dislikes it, he volunteers as babysitter for kids as much as possible, and is the go-to carer for Viper
History: Enslaved in the Tower of Heaven until he was bought out by Brain and used in various experiments by the Bureau, eventually becoming a member of the Oracion Seis, then a member of the Reborn Oracion Seis, and eventually becoming a member of Crime Sorciere. After Crime Sorciere disbanded, he took to travelling around, helping people in an attempt to continue his atonement, always travelling with Bors. Eventually, the two ended up at the Passo Doble Guild, and have been there for over ten years now. Due to the high level of exposure to the Infinity Clock, he has not aged past 24

Bullet; Red Lives in one of the family rooms in Tricountry with Kinana and Hari
Bullet; Purple Hobbies include combat training, reading, and darts
Bullet; Red Helps take care of Hari's pet snake, and considers them as much a member of the family as everybody else
Bullet; Purple Ana's fear of snakes frustrates him a lot, but he does what he can to make sure he doesn't trigger her
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