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GoE: Alty Dolson
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Published: January 20, 2019
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"Yeah, keep sayin' clever things! GOD yer so clever!"
Name: Alty Dolson
Age: 19 (4th August)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5' 7"
Arc of Time: Restore
A spell that allows the user to turn back time on a single object, but cannot be used on beings with magic power

Arc of Time: Flash Forward
A spell that allows the user to fast forward time on a single object, but cannot be used on being with magic power

Arc of Time: Luminous Minutes
A spell that greatly increases the speed of an object, to the point where its movement can generate some form of light

Personality: Very mouthy, incredibly sarcastic, fairly short-tempered, with vocabulary so foul it would put sailors to shame. Beneath this incredibly rough exterior is a young man who is passionate but reckless, who seems to hold no regard for himself but also desperately wants to be accepted. He loves his sister dearly and would do anything for her, and this is one of the few parts of his actual personality that make it through to the surface. He hides the faults he sees in himself behind baggy clothes and a mask he never takes off

The older brother of Jenna, born to a single mother in a small village, Alty showed an aptitude for magic like his sister, and was thus offered training under Ultear, an old ice mage living a short distance outside of the village. Unfortunately, Alty didn't take to ice magic at all, and he couldn't even learn a single spell. Extremely frustrated with what he considered his "poor performance", he turned to trying to teach himself magic, starting with fire magic. Having heard tales of a fire-eating wizard, he decided that eating fire could be a "crash course" to awaken his supposed fire magic. This went about as well as you'd expect, and lead to Alty hiding himself away for days. Eventually, Ultear came to Alty with a mask and a tale - a tale of the trickster Zalty, a mage who knew the lost magic to control time itself, and she offered to teach Alty this same magic, as the trickster had apparently taught her. Buying into this tale with great gusto, Alty finally became the person he now considers to be himself, complete with changing his name to the one he uses today. He took to Arc of Time as well as Jenna had taken to ice magic, and soon the two were on relative par. Equipped with the skills needed to become wizards, both Jenna and Alty sought to join a Guild. Though their mother was against it at first, the duo did it anyway, joining the Guild run by (among others) Jenna's academic senior: Passo Doble

Bullet; Green Lives in the Tricountry dorms
Bullet; Blue Even sleeps in his mask. Due to never wanting to be seen without it, he takes his showers in the dead of night when everybody else is asleep
Bullet; Green The only people who've seen him without his mask are Raiden, Ultear, and Jenna (and more recently Clara)
Bullet; Blue Hobbies include woodworking and weaponcraft. Has a very keen eye for measurements, to the point where he could accurately recreate Jenna's usual ice bow to the correct dimensions and even draw weight
Bullet; Green Is dating Blue Pegasus Guild Master Raiden
Bullet; Blue Does not get on well with R's alter Herta, for reasons unknown
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