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CD: Golgoth
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Published: October 12, 2018
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NOTE: This is not an "original species" (it is original and a species, but you know what I mean). This is simply a guide to the Golgoth species for CD-DnD

Golgoths are a giant species able to change their size (though preferring a size around 12 to 15 ft tall) and their weight (good for lessening fall damage or making themselves harder to move via external forces). They have good defenses and make great tank-type dungeoneers. They are the strongest of all of the races

When making a character, you are allowed to use:
:bulletorange:Up to one Mutation (with the rest Common)
:bulletpink:Up to two Rares (with the rest Common)
:bulletpurple:One Rare and one Uncommon (with the rest Common)
:bulletblue:Up to three Uncommons
Exceptions to this can be made, but they are on a case-by-case basis. If you have a character concept that doesn't fit within these limitations, feel free to Note the Group about it and we'll see from there

Average height is between 12 and 15ft. Any lower is a Mutation, any higher is a Rare, vastly higher is a Mutation

:bulletgreen:Single pair of arms
:bulletblue:Two pairs of arms
:bulletblue:Three pairs of arms
:bulletpink:Four pairs of arms
:bulletorange:Arms made of energy (any color)

(A symbol of a Golgoth's strength and energy levels. Placement can be anywhere)
:bulletgreen:Flower on stem (Usually on top of head)
:bulletgreen:Flower not on stem
:bulletblue:Flower and leaves
:bulletpink:Tattoo flower
:bulletpink:Multiple flowers (stem or not)
:bulletpink:Flower and vines (usually on shoulder, with vines wrapped around the arm)
:bulletorange:Skeleton flower (transparent save for the veins)
:bulletorange:Leaves only (including tree growth)

(Heterochromia is allowed)
:bulletgreen:Slit pupil
:bulletgreen:Round pupil
:bulletblue:Pupil of or containing a different color
:bulletblue:Shape pupil
:bulletblue:No pupil
:bulletpink:Single color eye
:bulletpink:Shaped iris and/or multiple pupils
:bulletpink:Colored sclera
:bulletpink:At least one eye containing two colors
:bulletorange:More than two eyes

The Common colors are shown. Mild deviations from them are Uncommon, larger deviations from them are Rare, and wild deviations from them are Mutations. Feel free to ask what the colors you have in mind count as

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