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Beer Mug



Another pixel piece, a happy little beer mug.
Im not gunna lie, I love beer. It is delicious.

Added a little J+H for Jykle-and-hyde to make this my new avatar.

Great fun adding in all the little details, shading etc.

Please note: I'd really prefer you didn't use my icons as your personal avatars, They have my initials in them which is probably not something you want on your personal avatar anyway.

There are some wonderful tutorials on DA on how to make pixel avatars, which is how I learned, You can do it! It's fun and you learn new skills :D

If you really want to use one, perhaps you could contact me and we could come to some sort of arrangement, art trade etc.

If you choose to ignore all this(please don't :( ), please don't be a jerk and at least give me credit.
Design is my job and I don't get paid for it, so it's the least you could do if your going to nick my work.

Thank you!
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