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Violet X-Girl

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Cheerleader Harley Quinn

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Cross X Crisis X-Men VS Titans

Marvel vs DC

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Please Don't Make Sexy Art Of This Character Stamp


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Your Villainess + Superheroine Crackship Meme


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Tommy Oliver Poster


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Happy Birthday, Trent!

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Continuity Alarm Poster

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TekTek Wrestler: Aisha Profile

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Superhero Tales Presents: Homepage

I smile as I pull my bike up to the rundown-looking lab on the outskirts of the city. I'm sure that if my classmates saw me, they'd ask 'Why is this girl so happy to be spending a wonderful summer's day at some lab?'. Oh, if only they knew, as awesome as a day at the beach or going roller-blading would be, I'd MUCH sooner be here. My name is Olette Runnels. I guess I'm kind of an average teenager. Yeah, about as average as the daughter of a private eye can be, and I guess a little nerdier than the average teenage girl can be. I mean, I love computers, I'm a hacker, and I love to read, but other than that, I do average teenager stuff. Shoppin

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Digimon Adventure DM Profile: Neilina Huang

Digimon Adventure DM Profiles

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Pokemon: Black Ideals, White Truths

Pokemon Black Ideals White Truths

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Kamen Rider DiEx - v2.0

Kamen Rider Artwork

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Sonic 5D's - Round 03

Sonic - 1500 LP Not-Knuckles - 4000 LP Tails shivered in fear as Sonic desperately fought to keep control of his Extreme Gear after the massive attack from the might Magma Dragon Gardna (3300/1500). “C’mon Sonic, you gotta win this, or you AND Knuckles will belong to this guy…!” “Heh, try as you like, you fool.” Not-Knuckles laughed. “You won’t mount a comeback against THIS monster!” Sonic groaned as he got full control back and shook off the cobwebs. “We’ll see. I play my face-down card, Damage Condenser!” Sonic’s face-down Trap Card flipped up as h

Sonic 5D's

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My Shining Pearl Team

Pokemon Trainer Cards

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