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The Intangible Starslip HM3



One of a few different original character superheroes I've tweaked over the years. I created this image using the Hero Machine 3. www.heromachine.com/heromachin… You can also read her story here. jyger85.deviantart.com/gallery… Or here. archiveofourown.org/works/1144…

Starslip can be seen as an expy of characters like Supergirl and Miss Martian with a little Batgirl thrown in for flavor. Cassie Doyle learned she was inherently different from other people when, to defend herself from a high school bully, she subconsciously solidified her body, actually hurting the bully that was trying to beat her up. Inspired and aided by her retired detective father and her comic book loving girlfriend, she learns to use her powers to protect her hometown of Star Lake as Starslip. Cassie has the natural ability to alter her own molecular structure. At any given moment, her skin can become hard as stone, her entire body can become intangible, she can increase or decrease her mass however she sees fit, she can defy gravity and fly, and even negate the basic human requirement for oxygen, thus being able to fly through the void of space. Her costume is made out of a material that conforms to her body so well that she can alter it as well. She also carries a number of pellets containing a gel that solidifies immediately after being exposed to the air, ensnaring anyone who gets caught in it, and generally keeps her cellphone with her to keep in contact with her friends and family for support. However, even with all of these abilities and gadgets, Starslip has a number of weaknesses. Specifically, her intangibility is lessened in colder temperatures, and her ability to solidify herself is likewise dampened when exposed to heat. Exposure to higher extremes of these temperatures can cause her body to automatically solidify or phase.  Futhermore, because her powers rely on her ability to consciously recognize and respond to threats, she can sometimes be hit before being able to phase through an attack or solidify enough to block it. Likewise, her powers can act up on their own depending on her emotional state. If she's unable to keep herself focused during such a case, she can phase or solidify unwillingly.

You can find the other characters I've made in HM3 here: jyger85.deviantart.com/gallery…
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Very beautiful