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OC Inspiration Meme: Green Defender



The original, if you wanna do your own version: [link]

You can read his stories here: [link]

And you can see my other OC Inspiration Memes here: [link]

Quick Bio: After a lab experiment that claimed the life of his high school science teacher, Geoffrey Hicks was infused with green voltage, a powerful self-replenishing electrical force that is channelled through the hands. Taken in by the League of High School Superheroes, he was taught how to use this power to defend the innocent, and thus the Green Defender was born.

Powers/Abilities/Equipment: Geoff is powered by the green voltage, which gives him enhanced stamina and reflexes. He wears specialized gloves that keeps him from zapping anything he touches, but he can will the electricity out in the form of electrical bursts. After an incident that claimed the life of one of his pupils, he found that a small degree of her element-warping powers were granted to him, allowing him to warp the green voltage into energy shields. Geoff also keeps a number of gadgets in his belt, such as tranquillizer darts, explosive throwing discs, green voltage-powered stun batons, a steel rod that combines the batons into a staff, and a grappling gun. He rides his personalized ‘Emeraptor’ motorcycle, and while his cape was originally bullet-proof, the energy shields have made this function pointless, and he’s since upgraded to a para-cape for gliding.

Weaknesses: H2O. Geoff is bad with water, as it can cause his green voltage to backfire on him, cancelling out his enhanced stamina and even causing increasing levels of pain, depending on how much water is involved. Also, his emotional stability and level of concentration can have effects on his green voltage. For example, getting angry can cause it to spark uncontrollably. Speaking of, Geoff has had a few recorded issues with his anger and depression, usually stemming from personal failure or his desire to protect lives. Since he has less control over his green voltage under such situations, he'll generally refuse to use it when angry or depressed out of fear of killing people, which ultimately limits his abilities in the field.

OC Theme Song: [link] I did have Arkham City on the mind a lot while writing his solo stories. lol

So let's take a look at who all inspired him and how.

Black Lightning (centre-left): They both shoot lightning out of their hands. I think that pretty much explains that. lol
Green Lantern (top-left): The colour-scheme mostly, though as time goes on, GD also learns to manipulate the green voltage into barrier shields and such, so I guess you could say he takes after Green Lantern there too.
Batman (top-right) and Nightwing (bottom-left): The actual costume design borrows heavily from theirs. In a addition, a lot of his gadgetry (grappling gun, tranquillizer throwing darts, para-cape, stun batons, steel rod that combines with batons to form a staff) are based off theirs. Even his personality can be traced to Nightwing's, as he mostly tries to be optimistic and a smart alec, but can occasionally have moments of angst and anger when life throws him a harsh curve-ball.
Rogue (centre-right): Because the green voltage runs through his hands, GD can never touch a person with his bare hands or he could hospitalise or even kill them. Admittedly less of a problem for him than with poor Rogue,
Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) (bottom-right): His various throwing discs and their functions are based off of Batgirl's Batarangs with interchangeable upgrades, in particular her Gooperangs, as well as the frequent use of the sentence "Here we go".

So yeah, that's all for GD. I might do some of the other characters from Superhero Tales, though, and if I do, I'll be sure to post 'em here.
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oh!! wait now am confused, Green Defender is Geoffrey Hicks so who is Adam Hicks?