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WARNING: The following contains scenes of graphic gay sex and bondage. If this offends you, turn back now. If not, please enjoy. :D (Big Grin)

February 14th, 2018
12:11 AM
St. Jonas Police Department

Catherine chuckled a little as she took a puff off her e-cig. "...So, he's an archer, huh?"

Green Defender growled a little through his voice filter, standing near the edge of the roof and looking out at the city. "...Yes."

"Nice?" Detective Summers inquired, earning a nod. "Cute?" Another nod. "And have you...?"

"...Technically, yes," GD replied, shoulders slumped. "He...just doesn't know it yet."

Catherine was utterly confused at first, until her eyes widened in realization, her lips curling into a wide smile. "...You DIDN'T!"

The Jade Thunderbird didn't answer, only burying his face in his hand, as Catherine began to laugh her ass off. "Oh my GOD, you had a one night stand with someone as the Green Defender that you're DATING now?!"

"I didn't exactly PLAN this!" Adam hissed. "Look...He was held hostage by Vagrant on New Year's Eve, we...shared an encounter, and then a few days ago, he calls me up to help him with his treadmill-"

"Does he know?" Summers asked, still fighting to maintain control of herself.

"No," GD answered. "At least, I don't think so. Anyway, we've been seeing each other ever since."

"How often?" Catherine inquired.

Green Defender sighed, finally turning to face Detective Summers. "...Pretty much once a day."

The police detective snorted, almost dropping her e-cig. "WOW...Sooo...Are you gonna tell him?"

"...'Hi, Thomas'," GD said in as deadpan a tone as possible. "'Was wondering if we were still on for tonight. By the way, I just thought you should know, I'm the costumed vigilante you got lucky with on New Year's Eve, and I've been keeping it from you ever since'. Yeah, he'll take that REALLY well."

"You DO realize that, the longer you keep it from him, the worse it's going to get, right?" Catherine pointed out. "The guilt, the awkwardness, not to mention how angry he'll be when he eventually finds out, and he probably WILL at some point. He probably already is suspecting. Like, you KNOW this, right?"

"Who exactly asked your opinion on all of this?" the masked vigilante demanded.

"YOU did!" Summers retorted. "I called you up here to ask if you had any leads on the thugs stealing shipments of grain from the harbour!"

Adam sighed, realizing she was right...about multiple things. "...I just don't know how to say it to him. Not to mention, with my life...I mean, one of these nights, some punk is going to get lucky, and it's not going to matter how good my healing is. I've accepted this. But can I really ask HIM to?"

Catherine nodded, understanding GD's point. "You might be right...but ask yourself this: Which is worse? Asking him to accept that...or risking every night that it might happen and having never given him the chance to make a decision for himself?"

Green Defender's eyes widened as he considered Catherine's words. He looked back out to the city, only now realizing that he could actually faintly make out Scripture Lane Apartments from the roof of the SJPD. Looking out in that direction, it was like he'd had a moment of complete clarity. He knew exactly what needed to be done, even if he didn't have every step of it planned out just yet.

"...I need to take care of something," GD said, stepping up onto the ledge of the roof. "I'll get back to you on the grain shipments."

"I'll hold you to that," Summers replied. "...Good luck."

Green Defender nodded, leaping off the roof and spreading his cape out, sending a jolt of electricity through it. As his cape reshaped itself to resemble the wings of a thunderbird, he swooped through the city, headed straight for his destination as he tried his best to plan out what would come next...

12:44 AM
Scripture Lane Apartments

Thomas wiped the sweat from his forehead as he got off the treadmill, turning it off. He was about to head to the bench when he heard a knocking on his door. Slipping his shirt and jogging pants on, he headed to the door, looking through the peep hole. To his surprise, Adam was standing outside, looking slightly disheveled, and he opened the door for him.

"...Hey, you okay?" Thomas asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I just...I was in the neighbourhood," Adam half-lied, rubbing his arm. "...C-Can I come in?"

"Of course," Thomas offered, holding the door open and letting Adam in before closing it behind him. "You sure you're alright?"

"Yeah," Adam continued to lie before letting out a sigh. "...I, um...I've been doing some thinking, and...and I don't think I've been the most honest with you."

Thomas took in a slow, deep breath, expecting the worst. "...Is there...someone else?"

"No!" Adam quickly replied. "I mean...There WAS someone I saw about a while ago, but it wasn't...It wasn't like this. Not really, anyway."

"Oh..." Thomas said simply, letting himself relax a little. "So, what's up?"

Adam tried and failed a couple of times to talk before finally saying "Do you ever feel like you've met someone who you can finally let into your whole life? That you could tell everything to?"

Thomas let out a long, soft sigh. "...Adam, it's okay. I know."

Adam's eyes turned wide enough to be mistaken for small moons. "...You know?"

"Well, yeah," Thomas replied with an uneasy smile. "I mean, I know I'm new to the city, but I DO hear things. I know all about what happened with that mob boss. How you had to go underground. How you were afraid to go public with what you knew about him...How his men killed your teacher."

Adam blinked, caught off-guard. How he never considered that Thomas might hear about all of that, nor why he never just talked to him about it, he had no idea. But the fact that Thomas thought that's what he meant suddenly was causing the idea of coming clean about all the rest to slowly slip from his mind. It's not that he was chickening out, it's just that the conversation was no longer really about that...Well, maybe a little, but not entirely.

"...I really don't know why I didn't tell you," Adam admitted. "I guess..."

"You afraid of opening up?" Thomas asked. "Of trusting me? Trusting ANYONE?"

"Well, trust is...difficult for me," Adam replied, looking away.

"Yeah, I heard," Thomas acknowledged. "I mean, I heard the rumours. I know that Professor Randal was your closest friend after...after what that horrible person did to you."

Adam clenched his fists a bit, thinking back to the moment in question. Easily in the top 2 worst moments of his life: The day his teacher decided to try and seduce him. And even though he said no, she didn't care. She decided to take what she wanted by force. Even to this day, more than ten years later, thinking about it made him twitch in pain a little. And then to have the school district make him keep it to himself made things even worse. It had taken him forever to finally feel like he could talk to someone about that, to trust someone with that information, and what felt like barely any time after that...they were taken from him. Worse, THEY died, and he was left with the far worse role: Being the one left to live.

"It just feels like, every time I start to trust someone-" Adam started to say.

"I'm not going anywhere," Thomas interrupted, reaching over to hold Adam by the shoulders. "YOU'RE not going anywhere. Okay?"

Adam looked up into Thomas' eyes, trembling a little. "...Okay."

Thomas nodded, slowly letting his hands ease up slightly while pulling Adam in closer. Adam, likewise, let his hands reach up to wrap around Thomas' waist, feeling his abs through the thin shirt and his own gloves. Without much thought, the two closed in on each other, taking their lips with each other's. Adam moaned slightly, rubbing Thomas' sides unconsciously, while Thomas rubbed his shoulders. Pretty soon, the two found themselves inching up to the entrance to Thomas' bedroom, as if their bodies were doing so all on their own without any input from them.

"Don't suppose you keep a condom in that utility belt, huh?" Thomas asked.

"...In hindsight, maybe I sho-" Adam started to reply before catching himself, only far too late. His entire face went red, and his throat practically closed as he looked Thomas in the face, who simply smirked knowingly at him. "...I...I...I..."

"I have plenty here," Thomas finished, guiding the stammering ginger into his room. "And you are in BIG trouble for trying to keep that from me."

"I didn't...!" Adam tried to argue, even if he knew he deserved to be in trouble. "I was going to...!"

"Adam?" Thomas whispered, leaning in close enough to lick the redhead's earlobe gently. "Just shut up for a little while."

With that, Thomas hooked a leg around behind Adam's and tripped him up, sending him falling back first onto Thomas' bed. Adam was shocked that he'd been caught completely off-guard, something that didn't happen to him very often when it came to physical interaction, but didn't have much time to mull over exactly how it happened. Pretty soon, Thomas was on top of him, leaving tiny kisses and love bites along his ear and neck while peeling the redhead's jacket and shirt off, sending ripples of electricity not unlike his own green voltage through his body.

"W-Wait!" Adam cried as Thomas went for his gloves. "Don't! The gloves...they need to stay on!"

Thomas blinked, confused, but did as asked, instead letting his hands slip up Adam's arms and shoulders. He then started to kiss up Adam's left arm, stopping at the inner bend of the arm as he noticed the sharp gasp and shake Adam gave when he made contact with that. With a grin, Thomas slowly and softly flicked his tongue across that spot, enjoying watching Adam practically go into convulsions.

"Mm, sensitive there, aren't you?" Thomas asked.

"Y-Yes!" Adam stammered, wrapping his legs around the former Oklahoman. "You're gonna drive me crazy!"

"Good," Thomas replied with a smirk. "This IS your punishment, after all."

Without another word, Thomas went back to work, kissing and licking along the inner bend of Adam's arm before switching to the other. All the while, he let his hands travel all over the vigilante's upper torso, taking in the musculature he'd admired for so long, and was now getting to make love to. Letting the excitement get to him, he bit into Adam's arm and started to suck, earning a shout from the ginger as he left a rather dark looking hickey on his arm.

"I've never much been one to mark my territory, but-" Thomas started to snark before watching as the hickey was already beginning to heal and fade slightly, much to his amazement. "...Whoa. I see a few OTHER rumours about you are true too, huh?"

Adam sweated, having been caught. "I-I can explain!"

Thomas grinned darkly, pulling his own shirt off and revealing his own upper physique, light, thin hair adorning it. "I know. But I think THIS way should be a lot more fun, don't you?"

Adam was practically drooling at the sight before him. He'd gotten up close to Thomas' chest before, but seeing his entire upper body on display like that was getting him even harder than he already was, and he could've easily been mistaken for a rock before. Without even thinking twice, he reached up and grabbed Thomas tightly, pulling him in close for a hard, deep kiss. The two explored each other's mouths with their tongues, moaning loudly, all the while reaching down to kick off their pants and underwear, leaving them both completely nude. Thomas reached over and opened one of his dresser drawers, revealing a few condoms, along with some other bedroom objects, but grabbed hold of Adam's wrist as the ginger went for them.

"Nuh uh," Thomas said with a smile, getting a condom with his other hand. "You don't get to be in charge THIS time. Not after the stunt you tried to pull."

Adam gulped hard, watching as Thomas opened the package and slipped the condom down over his own cock. "...S-Still think you're gonna get in my ass, huh?"

Thomas grinned, opening a packet of lube and rubbing it all across his dick. "Only if you don't try to stop me."

Adam's eye twitched slightly as he considered that for a moment. He'd never been on the receiving end from a guy before. He wasn't sure exactly if he could take it quite right. Still, he couldn't say no. And so, he let Thomas reach down, lift his hips, and slowly push his lubed-up cock into his ass, stretching it a bit as he gasped and hissed.

"G-Go slow!" Adam moaned, to which Thomas obliged, making sure he took his time with his thrusts. Even lubed up, he knew it might take some doing to get Adam adjusted to the sensations of being taken in the back. Although, truth be told, he was planning to take his time anyway. He wanted to savor every last second of this. It was right as he was thinking that that he saw Adam's eyes practically bulge out of his head, his back arching.

"You okay?" Thomas asked, concerned.

"Do...that...AGAIN," Adam moaned desperately, as the two realized that Thomas had inadvertently pressed up against the redheaded vigilante's prostate gland.

Thomas let himself grin again, repeating the motion that earned that response, and reveled in Adam's obvious enjoyment in the act. Rolling his hips, Thomas continued to slowly press and pound inside the man whom he'd been lusting for since before moving to St. Jonas. Adam, meanwhile, was all too happy to let him have his enjoyment. After all, he DID deserve it a bit.

"Do you trust me?" Thomas asked, catching Adam off-guard, all the while rubbing the redhead's abs. "Really? Completely?"

Adam's mind raced at that question, trying to find an answer. Truthfully, he had every reason to say no, if he really wanted to. After all, he DID have good reason to have trust issues, given his past. And he really had only gotten to know Thomas for about a week. They were still new to each other, still learning each other. How COULD he trust him completely after only a week? It didn't make sense to say that. And yet, looking Thomas in his eyes...

"...Yes," Adam admitted, both to himself and to his lover.

Thomas smiled warmly, genuinely touched, before letting his more devious grin take over as he reached for a bottle of oil. He soon started to rub it softly into the skin of Adam's upper arms, who cooed at the lavender scent of it, before replacing the bottle with some rather thick-looking ropes. Adam's jaw dropped, understanding what Thomas had in mind, and realizing he was now in bed with someone who was clearly into some form of BDSM...which, in hindsight, he probably should've seen coming.

"We can stop anytime," Thomas said earnestly. "Just say the words, and I'll untie you. I swear."

Adam nodded hesitantly, and watched as Thomas slowly tied his wrists to the bedposts. Once he was satisfied that Adam was secured, Thomas went back to thrusting inside of him, going only slightly harder and faster. Adam's mind was going blank. He had been afraid, as soon as those ropes came out, that being tied down would give him flashbacks of being held down, that Thomas would inadvertently force him to relive being raped...and yet, nothing. Because this wasn't rape. This was two people who trusted each other engaging in a sexual act that they both consented to. In fact, as it went on, Adam found himself wanting more. He stuck out his tongue, watching as Thomas did the same, letting a trail of saliva drip down off of it and onto the redhead's.

"T-Talk to me!" Adam begged.

Thomas grinned, letting his hands run all over Adam's muscles. "Ohhh, I've wanted you so bad! Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I wanted this ass! These muscles! I've wanted to run my fingers through your hair and grip it!"

"Do it!" Adam offered, moaning in delight as Thomas reached up and tugged on his red hair. "This is my punishment!"

"Yeah, it is!" Thomas groaned, starting to speed up inside of Adam's ass. "For keeping secrets, for making me worry, and for making me wait two months for this!"

Adam nodded hard, feeling his penis start to twitch and well up. "I-I'm close! I'm gonna-"

"Good!" Thomas panted, ramming Adam's prostate. "I wanna see it! I wanna watch you cum on your fucking gorgeous abs!"

"T-TOM!" Adam cried out, gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes. Within seconds, he could feel cum shooting up out of his dick and splashing across his stomach, his whole body shaking. Seeing this, and hearing Adam call him "Tom" in such a needy, adorable voice, sent Thomas over the edge. He began to ram inside of Adam with all he had, until eventually, he hit his limit, filling his condom with semen.

Pulling out of Adam and slipping the sloppy condom off, Thomas tossed it into the garbage. He then reached up and removed the ropes from Adam's wrists, watching his arms flop down to his sides. Thomas then leaned down, licking the cum from Adam's belly, before snuggling up to him, the two a mess of sweat and semen as they wrapped their arms and legs around each other, holding one another tight.

"...Is this a bad time to say 'Happy Valentine's Day'?" Adam wondered aloud.

Thomas snickered a little. "I think it's the perfect time."

Adam nodded in agreement. "...So, um...Are we good?"

Thomas thought it over for a moment before shaking his head, albeit with a grin. "Mmm, no. If you REALLY wanna make everything alright again, there's one last thing you need to do."

Adam's lip quivered slightly as he tilted his head. "W-What? What else do you want?"

"You remember that thing you said about letting someone into your WHOLE life?" Thomas inquired, folding his arms on Adam's chest and resting his chin on them.

"...Yyyyeah?" Adam asked, starting to feel slightly uneasy.

February 16th, 2018
11:57 PM
St. Jonas Docks

Vagrant growled as he took a puff off of his cigarette. It was bad enough that he was being forced to do such small-time crimes as stealing grain, but now the shipment was late. He and his men had been waiting in position inside a nearby warehouse for well over an hour past the time the ship was supposed to arrive at the docks. They were all getting impatient and angry, though none more-so than himself.

"Grr, if it doesn't show up soon...!" Vagrant hissed, dropping the cigarette to the ground and stomping it out.

"The ship's not coming tonight," the would-be mob boss heard a familiar voice echo throughout the building. "It's over, Vagrant. This time, you won't be getting out of jail so easy."

Before he or any of his men could find the source of the voice, one of Vagrant's goons found themselves on the receiving end of a punch to the jaw from the Green Defender, who had snuck up on them. Within seconds, there was a flurry of fisticuffs being thrown as Vagrant's half a dozen men fought the vigilante, only to one by one find themselves eating knuckles and falling unconscious to the ground. As the last one hit the floor, though, GD glanced around, looking for Vagrant, only to find him standing on a crate over him and aiming his pistol at him.

"I wonder if you bleed green!" Vagrant said with a sneer.

Right as he was about to pull the trigger, though, Vagrant found his knock being knocked out of his hand by, of all things, an arrow. He turned to face the source, only to find a man in a red mask and a red and white hooded jacket with an arrow symbol on the front leaping toward him. This new vigilante kneed him right in the bridge of the nose, knocking him off the crate and onto the top of a slightly smaller one. As he started to get up, Vagrant found another arrow piercing his jacket to the crate, the red hooded crimefighter having shot it with the bow he was holding in his left hand.

"Why, you li-" Vagrant started to say before his opponent kicked him across the face, knocking him out.

Green Defender folded his arms, overlooking the scene. "...So, are we good NOW?"

Thomas grinned, looking his lover in the face. "Yeah, I'd say so."

"...You're going to keep doing this every night, aren't you?" GD guessed, frowning.

"Every night that YOU do," Thomas admitted, hopping down off the crate.

"What happened to real, complete trust?" Green Defender asked.

"Oh, I trust you," Thomas acknowledged as the two started to make their way toward the roof exit. "I just don't trust THEM...Gonna need a name, though. Like, the Red Bolt, or the Crimson Quiver."

"You realize this could get you killed, right?" the Jade Thunderbolt pointed out, looking Thomas earnestly in the face. "I'm serious."

Thomas nodded, putting a hand to GD's shoulder. "...So am I. You face the same risk every night. And I'll be damned if I let you do it alone anymore."

"...Alright," Green Defender relented. "...And I kind of prefer Crimson Quiver."

"Me too," Thomas replied, giving GD a small smack on the backside before heading for the roof. "Let's go let Summers know she can send her guys in, shall we?"

GD smirked, following after his new partner. "...Yeah, we're off to a GREAT start..."

...So yeah, GD's got a partner in the field AND in the bedroom. lol But yeah, truthfully, beyond wanting to have one of my characters have some kinky funky fun, I thought it was important to have a story where Adam is trying to move on and learn to be trusting enough to where not only does he let someone take control in the bed, but he can see them as an ally in his OTHER life. And given his past, that's a mighty hard thing for him to do.

And yeah, I suppose now's as good a time to make something clear: It always irritates me when, a lot of the time, comic book writers will involve rape in a storyline just because. I think one of the worst offenders is Identity Crisis, where we learn this happened to a character, and nothing is made of it other than to create a red herring for the mystery going on at the time. And maybe I'm biased in this matter, since, if you haven't heard, I am a victim of sexual abuse, but I just don't think rape should be done just because. If you are really that committed to involving rape in your story, it should actually MATTER to the story, and because you want to actually tell a story about someone dealing with such an incident. In this case, I wanted what happened to Adam to actually matter to his overall story and character. This horrible thing happened to him, and he may never get over it completely, but he's at least trying to live with it.

...Oh yeah, and expect an HM3-made image of Crimson Quiver later tonight. And before anyone asks, while I was coming up with the idea of making Thomas into the Crimson Quiver, I asked the guy I loosely based him after, "Hey, it's not too racist to make a guy with Native American roots an archer-themed superhero dressed primarily in RED, is it?", and he said it was okay, so there ya go. lol

EDIT: Forgot to mention this earlier, but the thing GD mentioned, about seeing someone a while ago? He's talking about the time him and two other heroes needed...*ahem*, A evening of stress release. =P
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Jyger85 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
kaibun-creations Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Well done! I like that there is character development along with bondage/sex showing why BDSM isn't something done lightly. There's a major trust factor going on which is actually the basis of my story Honey for Onyx. (I don't know how long it's going to be but whatever.) But you'll see because I intend to put the whole thing on dA.

On the rape comments, you are so right. It causes so much to a person. It changes a person. And as I have been told, "you never get over it, you never forget it, but you have to learn to accept that it did happen and move on with life. You have to embrace that it's not a part of you, but a part of your history." It's a big deal. (And that quote is partially taken out of context but I am not reliving that therapy session.) So when authors just use it to make a character deeper, so to speak, it really bothers me. Or any traumatic event. Completely normal characters can be just as developed and interesting without having major PTSD inducing events and authors need to realize this.
Jyger85 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the kind words. Btw, the OTHER reason I made Thomas an archer? Is because there's nothing funnier to me than the idea that Batman and Green Arrow's expies in my universe are boning. XD
kaibun-creations Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
That is so perfect. So much perfect. I love it. xD
maltorramus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019
Identity Crisis? that's the comic where Zatanna Brainwash batman after he discovers the league had mind wipe Doctor light right ?? 
Jyger85 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
And where Sue Dibny is killed and we learned that Doctor Light once raped her back during the Satellite era of the Justice League.
maltorramus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019
yeah! same in the watchmen when Comedian Tries to rape Silk specter but his stopped by another hero 
Jyger85 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, what was even the point of that scene, especially when we find out that later on they had a kid together?
maltorramus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019
it comes back at her at some point in the story. something around the lines of "so he tried to rape you and a few years later you let him finish the job"
Jyger85 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I mean, I guess the only thing I can think of in terms of it actually adding to the story is when it comes around to what Doctor Manhattan says about Laurie and how, despite the severely fucked up relationship that her parents had, it was HER that emerged, and that she was a miracle. But like...we could've had their relationship be fucked up without THAT.
maltorramus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019
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