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Digimon Adventure DM Profile: Satoshi Sakamoto



Created using Hapuriainen's Digimon Character Creator.…

Age: 11

Digimon: Koromon -> Agumon -> Greymon -> MegaloGreymon

Bio: Satoshi always dreamed of adventure, but he never would've imagined it'd come in the form of a virtual pet given to him out of nowhere. However, the v-pet quickly materialized into a Digivice, through which his Digimon Partner, Agumon, was transported to him.  Now, Satoshi must use the power of his dream to unlock Agumon's full power and bring peace back to the Human World and the Digital World.

Personality: Due to being moved back and forth between his parents in Japan and Canada, having high-functioning autism, and never making time for friends, Satoshi lacks basic social skills. He says things without thinking and at times doesn't always understand personal boundaries. He's also easily angered by those that look down on him and his dreams of adventure, daydreams a lot, and has a low attention span for things he cares little for. However, he's nonetheless a courageous young boy, will often try to help those who need it, and while he's not all that disciplined or educated, he's nonetheless a creative thinker, able to come to conclusions few would ever consider.…

Satoshi's Theme:…

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