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Poem #3: Endearment Encouragement
    Looks and appearance can deceive the elusive one
    So why should it define the idea of true love?
    The simplicity of showing one’s self is all that needs to be done
    For as the soul of another should be enough,
    Love isn’t something that is easy to be found
    It’s something that can’t be bought, searched for, or even won,
    Nor is it narrow to one or another around
    It’s something that comes unaware for you to be stun,
    So do not fear or be fed to despair
    For as lucky as you are, it is out there...
:iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 9 6
VALENTINES DAY (4/?) Avocado by Jyellowstudio VALENTINES DAY (4/?) Avocado :iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 27 9 *VALENTINES DAY* (3/?) Colors by Jyellowstudio *VALENTINES DAY* (3/?) Colors :iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 17 12 *VALENTINES DAY* (2/?) The Brightest Chip by Jyellowstudio *VALENTINES DAY* (2/?) The Brightest Chip :iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 15 2 *VALENTINES DAY* (1/?) Friends by Jyellowstudio *VALENTINES DAY* (1/?) Friends :iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 27 14 SketchDump-n-ScrapBunch: Gritty GraveSketch by Jyellowstudio SketchDump-n-ScrapBunch: Gritty GraveSketch :iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 11 17 Wimpy WIPs: OC Bundle Collection RETURNS by Jyellowstudio Wimpy WIPs: OC Bundle Collection RETURNS :iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 22 16
Poem #2: Would You Care To Spare a Dime?
    Would you care, to spare a dime?
    I ask for nothing more but a single one,
    A simple dime, just a sippling cent,
    To which is all that I ask to be done.
    ...Who do you ask for a dime?
    Why you of course, yes you, the one I see,
    The one who has the perfect life and is carefree,
    The one who is ever better then I could be,
    The one who has the time to bear with me,
    ...What would I gain for giving you a dime?
    For where you stand, I say you won't gain anything for yourself,
    But at certain best, you would go knowing you gave someone hope,
    With the thought of having to spare one hard worked money for someone with less,
    for what good would I get? A simple grateful thanks to give for a kind someone.
    ...Where would you go with the given dime?
:iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 6 26
Minamikibo by Jyellowstudio Minamikibo :iconjyellowstudio:Jyellowstudio 36 40
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Makes me sick!


This is Halloween *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen Jack O'Lantern Icon (Happy Halloween!) Happy Halloween Jack O'Lantern Icon (Happy Halloween!) *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen This is Halloween 

As an honorable sweet video that my friend DexChopperArt had shared with me, been a lovely remix~

So then, hope you guys enjoy dressing up and getting all your ghoulish goodies. :D


Now I oughta go and enjoy it myself...

Well, I'd enjoy it more if it wasn't on the middle of the damn week.


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Also I might not be into superheroes, but, RIP Stan Lee, hope your soul rest and may you be remembered for bringing the joy of heroes into our lives.
Especially that of my cousin, he loves your work. He admires spiderman. ;P

Also, I think Sony pictures might be improving. I'm surprised this is NOT a Disney film, like wow... Sony really has gotten up on their legs. Like, tell me, this has to be one of their best movies yet to be released!

Guess the Emoji Movie taught them a lesson...
As much as I love dumbo, the idea of the live action is... questionable tbh.

Like, wouldn't it make a more interesting movie if we had like, a kid with a disability on Dumbo's side? (Considering that Dumbo is mocked due to his disfigured) Or perhaps a group of freaks taking care of dumbo. (As much as I love the original one, I would really feel ripped off if it just follows step by step on the original. Kinda like Beauty& the Beast where they just followed the original)

Just think: A darker version of dumbo where we see the dark truth behind the circus acts, animals forced to work, freaks being mocked, and this young little elephant who has no idea what he's into. He is naive, but the only ray of light the freaks have in this dark circus. Dumbo's only friend is a kind kid who is disfigured, and the people among the circus are treated badly. Dumbo's mother is held on her will, where she will be offed in order to sell her tusk. Dumbo's only hope to save her is if he could manage to make the money to the circus (despite their awful treatment to him and his friends) in order to pay her back. Or at best, be released.

IDK, just me and my noggin shitposting. :V

Also, thanks a lot youtube trailers for being so subtle with your movie plots. Definitely wasn't given the entire film in just under 2 minutes.

(Seriously, trailers should stop showing the entire plot of their movies)
I honestly think its a halloween curse for the holiday to be placed in the middle of a school week. :B

Like who in thr right mind would place halloween during the middle of a school week?! DX tell me im not the only one
Is it just me, or is it weird when people go "Hey you don't mind if you can wash the dishes? ^^; " But that person responds "Uh yeah I do mind, so no." But then the person who asked is all ":| I'm not asking"

I just find it funny because this is the exact banter my sister has with my mom. :giggle: When in reality my mom places it as a question before getting aggressive.

Just something stupid I wanna share. ^^;
Just a stupid thing in mind, but during a chat just with a friend a while ago who's into bikes...

IDK why but I always feel like I pronounce those big wheel bikes as "penny farting" rather than "penny farthing"
..Might doodle this up, maybe.

Feel free to ignore this, just a thought at the moment.

Also just to fill up your time, here's what a Penny Farthing is:


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