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Klyva and Kotlett

These swords are from a game I'm working on, based on Rock Paper Scissors. One of the three protagonists created these swords and trained long and hard with them. Upon depression of the small latch within the handle, the grip is free to rotate within the ring. While fighting, this enables the blade to revolve around the holding point without twisting of the wrist. I don't know if it would actually work or not but it makes great gameplay dynamics and fancy-looking swords!
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The amount of counterbalance that would need to be in the opposite end of the ring would be incredible.
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But doable. You just have to be carefull not to nick yourself as they come around.
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Yeah. Their owner only had limited ability with them until he became a ghost. Now he doesn't have to worry about knicking himself of even sweeping the blades clear through his body.