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Okay, this is seriously my first and last fan art. I don't generally like fan art. I, well, I just couldn't resist. He's such a great character! Come on, someone give me an excuse, so I can talk myself out of feeling like a hypocrite...

BUT! I used color theory! I'm so proud of myself!
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He is adorable, and yes he is just to hard to resist.
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Adorable, I suppose, is a relative term. I think he's a little more /adorable/ when he's not holding a weapon of any sort, but he's a whole lot of fun when he is.

Re: signature.... has anyone besides me noticed that there's no witch of the south? Theres a WWofTE, a WWofTW, Glinda the GWofTN, but there's not witch of the south!!! And, uh, where does the ruby brick road that's spiraled into the yellow one go? These things bother me!!!!!!!!!!